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  • Avatar for alicelovestea
    you've made my shitty evening a bit less shitty, pure power
  • Avatar for Cylob
    Jump In: [url=]100 Abstract Pop Anthems[/url]
  • Avatar for Cylob
    [url=]... more awesome.[/url]
  • Avatar for electrolutz
    awesome awesome awesome
  • Avatar for The_Goodfella
    I'm really enjoying this group
  • Avatar for DrKKE
    замечательная музыка
  • Avatar for rozali
  • Avatar for DreamFragments
    Why? and 13 & God are not even remotely similar.
  • Avatar for marmaluke
    I dunno how I missed the fact that they released a new album last year but I'm so very glad I know now! :)
  • Avatar for Dr_MoonOrGun
    Yeah, agreed. Totally different ants.
  • Avatar for Notjoeybloom
    Why? and 13 & God are not comparable. They are BOTH different and amazing groups. The Notwist+Themselves is an amazing collaboration. You just cannot say one is better than the other because they are so different.
  • Avatar for Milkman519
    Imagine Why? but not nearly as good.
  • Avatar for Nekro__b
  • Avatar for Marina-Gasolina
    not bad
  • Avatar for overcomed
    "Own Your Ghost" is undisputed winner in my list with best albums for me of 2011. It is timelles fusion of electro, abstract hip-hop, indie rock and many other elements which made him great album of our time and years to come. This is urban aesthetics of modern world. Check my list with best album of 2011 here in my place
  • Avatar for timmycbc
    I guess I should say that I know they wouldn't be the same without him - oh wait. lol at people unable to listen to other people's opinions without intent to put them down upon disagreement. I will listen continue to listen to 13 & God and wish that doseone's vocals weren't in certain tracks, thanks bros. I get it, I don't know a thing about music. LOL
  • Avatar for GirTheRobot
    lol at wishing doseone wasn't in 13 & God. LOL
  • Avatar for caffeineandvase
    best of 2011
  • Avatar for Notjoeybloom
    13 & God without Doseone is not 13 & God. If you do not want Doseone you should listen to The Notwist.
  • Avatar for timmycbc
    Fucking love the tracks that don't heavily feature doseone. i wish so bad that he wasn't in this recordings, though I know that the band and songs wouldn't be the same without him
  • Avatar for OCD4CDz
    I had oldage pop up on a random shuffle after the shins & they sounded quite good as neighbors
  • Avatar for overcomed
    Great pics guys. And for music..... it's Massive, and it's absolutely close to my perception of perfect music. Yes I mean perfect. Big thanks for "Own Your Ghost". You rule.
  • Avatar for Notjoeybloom
    big sleep will certainly cure you of this gift
  • Avatar for hateforme
  • Avatar for NightwingO
    I am glad that there are still people who ponders on this band.
  • Avatar for overcomed
    "Old Age" make me believe of the future of music. Keep up blasting work guys.
  • Avatar for Edward_Vedder
    In contrast to the new, polished sounding Sole & the Skyrider Band album, the new 13 & God album remains as spooky and chilling as ever. Of course, it's not really that great or memorable, but it will suffice for now. 6.5/10
  • Avatar for Sideways_Soul
    Saw them yesterday in Ghent, they were fucking mindblowing.
  • Avatar for mercenarri
    Garage gig was so fucking perfect <3
  • Avatar for Gravejr
    Twas [artist]The Title Sequence[/artist] at the the Garage.
  • Avatar for Gravejr
    Who's supporting on the tour? Everywhere just says plus special guests. Guess it'll just have to be a surprise when I find out this evening.
  • Avatar for Dr_MoonOrGun
    I'm almost positive everything is intentional. Doseone isn't the kind of dude to be like "Oh, oops, I fucked up saying that! OH WELL!"
  • Avatar for Haydenbailey
    Plenty of amusing English mispronunciation on the new album. Cullender not Calendar, and iron like I-ron. All adds to their charm though, unless it's weirdly intentional?
  • Avatar for muteoff
    Very understated like most of the Notwist's material. It would be interesting if they rocked out once in awhile.
  • Avatar for SoSadTown
    Thanks for the new album - and the new tour!
  • Avatar for 160R
    After listen Your Own Ghost a couple of times, I think their first album is way better. But not too bad, I think this is what happens when you expect so much about a band :)
  • Avatar for ohsoimpulsive
    Your Own Ghost is boner inducing.
  • Avatar for mono_at_home
    best band from anticon.
  • Avatar for mydreammyanchor
    armored scarves on repeat
  • Avatar for Notjoeybloom
    ur a subtle album
  • Avatar for Hulelam
    Own Your Ghost is my favorite subtle album
  • Avatar for shadrach_451
    'Own Your Ghost' is perfect. Absolutely phenominal work of talent. I love the soft/hard, sink/float balance between the two groups. 13 & God really brings out the best in both and fits together amazingly well.
  • Avatar for ryanjquinn
    new album's quite nice!
  • Avatar for Dr_MoonOrGun
    Correct what letters?
  • Avatar for Nick_Night
    when they correct letters already? i've made a request two weeks ago
  • Avatar for waffleypancake
    I've been waiting for a studio version of 13 & God's 'Luck & Fear' ever since I first watched the live version on youtube. I'm so glad for this. =D
  • Avatar for Dr_MoonOrGun
    Heads up, because a few of you might care to procure a copy - there's a limited 7" of Old Age/Luck&Fear rmx being sold on the Alien Transistor site.
  • Avatar for shrinkwrapped
    Own Your Ghost is great, and I don't think it's any less dark lyrically - but it is less atmospheric. I only really noticed when I started listening to the first album directly after.
  • Avatar for artisfart
    das neue album ist der absolute hammer!
  • Avatar for Insomniasaur
    u n y o u n g


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