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    2 Jan 2014, 18:53 by floor-a

    This is a list of recordings I discovered, listened to and loved the most during the previous year. There is no particular order but I emphasized some of them to distinguish the more important ones. They are all equally good but for some reason they got closer to my heart, e.g. I always listened to Colleen's latest album at nights I couldn't relax and it never failed lulling me to sleep (so the bold letters stand for 'thanks a lot' :)
    The albums in the second part were the best recordings by the most impressive artists I met in 2013. So, here it comes!

    123Aksel , Stereo Love : alternative, jazz
    * 65daysofstatic - Wild Light
    : electronic, math rock, post-rock

    A.M. Architect - The Road To The Sun
    [Exponential, 2009] : abstract hip-hop, experimental, idm
    [Atic, 2007] : downtempo, electronic, trip-hop
    ArandelIn D
    : experimental, minimal techno
    Arctic Monkeys - AM
    [Domino, 2013] : alternative, indie rock