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  • upahhh

    Spending hours trying to find myself, redemption, wrong direction No more power to control my isolation, no solution

    July 2014
  • CJ155

    Fall Apart <3

    February 2014
  • FallOutGerard

    need to find out where i can get their records

    August 2013
  • nnnienke

    Just discovered

    July 2013
  • MayrB

    It's a shame that they only did 2 records. But then again, it's nice to know a band that never started sucking at some point over the years.

    May 2013
  • conezen

    Dammit I wish these guys were still around. [4]

    March 2013
  • Frapu13

    Hi! We are My Last Words. A Pop punk / Hardcore band from Valencia (Spain) And you can hear our brand new Ep here: Hope you like it! :D

    January 2013
  • feco182

    Dammit I wish these guys were still around. [3]

    August 2012
  • alexander_bruce

    Dammit I wish these guys were still around. [2]

    June 2012
  • episkeuo

    And it's not so bad to be alone when I know nothing is set in stone.

    April 2012
  • Sickr

    Dammit I wish these guys were still around.

    November 2011
  • the-maccis

    I MISS 1208 :/, their old stuff is still so fkn amazing <3

    November 2011
  • FallOutGerard

    fall apart !

    December 2010
  • rick-roll


    October 2010
  • Dahminator

    I'd fall apart for you!

    September 2010
  • ACthir13en

    From Below

    June 2010
  • knight_88

    many memories when listening to this great band! [2] :)

    May 2010


    April 2010
  • Sickr

    Just re-listened to these guys for the first time in years and they're still absolutely brilliant. The début album was clearly the best and the most honest sounding. Underrated.

    April 2010
  • Denimen

    TheGoreKore wrote: December 2008 Such a highschool band. welll i was in highschool then!! love this band!!!

    January 2010
  • kane0210

    many memories when listening to this great band!

    December 2009
  • Danix93

    Fall Apart *_*

    September 2009
  • wilikyz

    hahaha i'm ready!!!

    August 2009

    ohhh yes! perfect for skaaaaaaateee

    April 2009
  • IsaacMG

    Oh this band brings me really good memories. Feedback is payback was flawless (and it still is)

    April 2009
  • xcannibalx

    lets skate!

    March 2009
  • AnotheRSaturdaY

    Fall Apart es problamente la canción más conocida de 1208, (y me encanta :D), peero si miramos el primer disco aparece 1988, y es simplemente increible ¡¡¡¡

    February 2009
  • incognito54

    I used to love Pick Your Poison... I still do in a nostalgic way

    February 2009
  • TheGoreKore

    Such a highschool band.

    December 2008
  • veryillogical

    jimmy is the best song :)

    July 2008
  • aSharedHistory

    hc punk? haha

    June 2008
  • FlameMan

    hardcore punk? O.o Are you kidding?

    May 2008
  • almostpunkenuff

    what's the exact wording of the chorus for All I Can Do?

    April 2008
  • alinanra

    I know them because of Burnout.

    November 2007
  • SabakuTaisou

    and also Fall Apart is in the soundtrack of Burnout 3. so it's the most listened song.

    November 2007
  • randomhero323

    Jaume08, Fall Apart is the most listened song because its on the 2004 warped tour compilation. 1988 should be their most listened song, its amazing.

    October 2007
  • jaume08

    I can't choose 1208 best song... Why Fall apart is the most listened song with that amazing difference?

    October 2007
  • wind_rider

    1988 - Best song

    September 2007
  • sampson22

    they didnt break up did they? its really hard to find any information about them and their page is down :( cause now that is 2007, im waiting for that album!

    August 2007
  • SabakuTaisou

    i guess they're not very famous. but their songs are pretty good and i like them very much.

    June 2007
  • MayrB

    great band! i like my loss and scared away

    May 2007
  • alinanra

    May 2007
  • zeteticos

    just another sucky formula band

    April 2007
  • BlackBurn85

    i like Pick Your Poison

    April 2007
  • vigilante_18

    'Not You'....Such A Good Song =]

    March 2007
  • cobainist

    how come no one has heard of these guys? they're awesome!

    March 2007
  • incognito54

    Pick Your Poison only number 13? That doesn't feel right...

    January 2007
  • wind_rider

    They're great!

    January 2007
  • dirtymagic99

    Very good & underrated

    January 2007
  • bakalhau

    Lies That Lie and Pick Your Poison... own my life. These guys such fucking catchy songs.

    December 2006