• Loved songs survey

    5 Sep 2008, 19:20 by Phranka

    Song #1
    Title: Beheaded
    What's the first line in the song?
    Mommy doesn't have her head anymore
    How long has this band/artist been around?
    since about 1985
    Do you have a specific memory associated with this song?
    No, but it makes me happy
    Can you relate to any of the lyrics?
    Not in particular :p
    Do you like any other songs by this band/artist?

    Song #2
    Title: All My Life
    Does any part of this song make you laugh?
    Not really
    What is your favorite lyric in this song?
    All my life I’ve been searching for something
    Something never comes, never leads to nothing
    Nothing satisfies, but I’m getting close
    Have you ever seen this band/artist live?
    What is the first song from this band/aritst that you remember hearing?
    Hard.. Probably something like Learn To Fly?
    What kind of mood does this song put you in?

    Song # 3
    Title: Savin' Me
    Does this song make you think of a certain person?
    No particular person no