• 10cc

    20 Feb 2008, 08:32 by dirkpaul

    The last few years, lots of artists finally got the applause they are entitled to, because they are mentioned by today's artists. XTCis a good example; mentioned by influential artists like Franz Ferdinand or Bloc Party.

    A group that I rarely see mentioned though, is 10cc. In my opinion, they have had a lot of influence on the same bands, and some others, too.

    For instance: their wit in their songs. The may have gotten more serious after the release of, say, Bloody Tourists, but before, there was always a tongue-in-cheek part in the band. In the beginning of their history, Godley & Creme were most responsible for that part, but after they left, this element stayed in the music of 10cc. Listen to a track like I Bought A Flat Guitar Tutor and I think you'll share my opinion.

    The last few years, maybe two years or so, I see that element of humour returning in pop/rock music (where it was very serious the period before). Listen to bands like Architecture in Helsinki, Yeasayer or even Maxïmo Park. …