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  • Avatar for abunono
    Spank! [2]
  • Avatar for guilhermecu
  • Avatar for MITONAUSTIN
    Super very very good
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
  • Avatar for marjo47
    Hold on loosely good tittle and great band.
  • Avatar for Eviebb13
    Hold on loosely but don't let go! Words of wisdom!
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
    Spank! Yeah! I love this tune :-) Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! You will loose control! SPANK! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
  • Avatar for coachbill1954
    Oh, that girl from years ago......
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
    Spank! Good loving going bad! to late. Don't let go! Your going to loose control! It is so Dam easy! Don't let go! SPANK! ETC! Don't let it slip away! WHOOOOOO! SPANK!
  • Avatar for TWHsr
    Certainly is good.
  • Avatar for priom__
    so beautiful...hold on, loosely, hold on
  • Avatar for Fun-n-Flirty
    Love this song. brings back so many wonderful memories.
  • Avatar for Alejo_Valdez
    Genialna piosenka!
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
    Take me back! Let re-role it! No regrets just the best time of my world! ! :-)
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
    Still! Spank! HAAA! HAAA!
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
    4+ years ago! HAAAA! HAAAAA! Try 25+Spank
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
    I would hurt a kitty! I have two little girls! Princess and Dutchess and I am the Queen! We all have green eyes! Spank!
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
    Spank! I know I keep showing up! Well, guess what? I love this tune and talent!
  • Avatar for tabletopdrummer
    One of those 80's anthems!
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
    Oh? have you heard 'SPANK?" Just saying! Make loving work gosh darn it! :-)
  • Avatar for greenvillepa
    Hold on...............
  • Avatar for silversurfer250
    Nice background on the making of this song:
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
    Hold on loosly! If it right she/he will come back! ::-)
  • Avatar for GaryRobertson
    Without A Paddle.
  • Avatar for TWHsr
    So do I rokmonsta44.
  • Avatar for rokmonsta44
    love it
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
    Baaazinga! Spot on! Great tune! :-)
  • Avatar for midliferickman
    Hold on blue suede!
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
    See it all around you? My mind goes back to a 'Guy that I used to know!' HAAAA!! HAAA! Guess what that Guy I met so long ago is not the same guy I want! HAAAA! HAA! All good! The Best is yet to Come! ;-)
  • Avatar for ThePowerStation
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
    Oooh! Spank! Love! This tune! Keep on Rockin' Enjoy life! Do not let it slip away! Really! Spank!
  • Avatar for eyaj
  • Avatar for TIGERSNAKEMAN
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
    SPANK! Great tune and talent! Dont let your life get away! SPANK!
  • Avatar for CanYouBlush
    burning bridges...humpty dumpty....sat on that wall......
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
    I m still saying! Boooo! SPANK! Best tune in my world! Hold on loosy do not get your heat get the way..................................................................ROCK!
  • Avatar for 69chicken
    "you can beat me, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just don't bore me". just sayin.
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
    Spank! Just saying! Whoooo!
  • Avatar for greenvillepa
  • Avatar for TWHsr
    Looks like you must like this John.
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    The Leaves were definitely changing,brah
  • Avatar for rock2468
    Yep I like this song :-)
  • Avatar for BMWPRETTY
  • Avatar for rockin4life
    What nobody but me like this song?
  • Avatar for mopshine
    Ok thats it I'm taking .38 special out of my Library
  • Avatar for mopshine
    There playing it for the 4 time today. WHAT IS WITH THIS!!!!!!! RRRRrrrr
  • Avatar for mopshine
    Why do they play ths song so much RRRRrrrrrrr
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    Dear Diary(Oops,a Moody Blues song) 5AM thoughts from Spacepod. Score is-Loosely-121 Caught Up-114 (Dirges in my library!) When I invent TIME TRAVEL soon ("Hold on. er.,2056? Not yet? Okay." ) Songs like this and "Caught Up In You" will be now called "dirges." Somber overplayed aongs which once sounded so fresh,now sounds nauseating! Also,a friendly reminder to me not to go back in Time to the Years 1981/1982. These 2 songs er I mean dirges had all the bases covered! No need!


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