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((sounder)) is the current musical project of singer songwriter artist Mike Aho. Formed in the spring of 2005 when Aho and friend Steve Stratton began recording their long, minimized Mogwai-esque jams into a tape-recorder under a mini-ramp in Costa Mesa California skatepark.

The jams soon morphed into song directions and began to take shape, mixing and juxtaposing with Mike Aho's singer-songwriter roots–the banging crescendos of Steve's drumming added a new and beautiful dynamic. With the use of tape loops and melodic crescendos the two-piece have conjured a sound that is bigger than itself; direct and pulsing—spilling with honesty along the lines of classic Sebadoh and drifting into unconscious electro-folk like Grandaddy or Neutral Milk Hotel.

For the first ((sounder)) full-length release, ‘There is Another Sun Clouded Over with Meticulous Care’, Aho worked with Steve Stratton on the drums and Joel Gills, Lester King, Diamond Caverns and Kelly Marie on vocals to create a rock and roll record that swoons with the sincerity of Aho’s singer-songwriter etiquette.

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