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  • very 80's, I never get tired of this one tho! :)
  • so 80's
  • my first relationship lol
  • This is the only song I like from them!
  • A haunting voice.
  • voices carry, ha ha
  • love that song....
  • Too bad the video isn't posted. It's pretty good.
  • my dad sang, "this is scary" for like ever. he even knew the name of the song was "voices carry". we make fun of him for it all the time. amazing song, truly fantastic. aimee mann is wonderful!
  • edgy and true
  • I love it
  • Love this song.
  • This is just... a huge pile of pure epic eighties awesomeness. Conveniently packed into one song.
  • It sounds like she is saying "This is Gary"
  • I love Aimee to pieces and this song as well.
  • pero que pínche rolotaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! amo esta canción!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • yeah... when i was younger i totally thought she was saying "this is scary"....


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