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Rokugen Alice (六弦アリス) is a Japanese two member band. Their band's name translated into "Alice Six-String".

They consist of 六弦A助 (Rokugen Asuke, born on August 2nd) the songwriting arranger, keyboard instruments, including planning, Web and booklet design, while Anna Sakurai (櫻井アンナ) as the songwriter, singer, planning, accounting.

Anna is strongly influenced by misia, adiemus, enya, ayaka, hitomi yaida and also shiina ringo.

Their release had been mainly indies, with most of them sold during Comiket.

Official site.
Official blog.
Official YouTube channel.

六弦アリス on iTunes Store.
六弦A助 on Twitter.
櫻井アンナ on Twitter.

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