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いきものがかり (ikimono-gakari) is a three-member pop rock band founded by childhood friends Yoshiki Mizuno (水野良樹) and Hotaka Yamashita (山下穂尊) in Kanagawa, Japan. The two began doing street performances in February 1999 and decided on the band name. Vocalist Kiyoe Yoshioka (吉岡聖恵) joined in November of that year. They temporarily disbanded in September 2000, coming together again in April 2003 after finishing college.


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  • we can all agree that their recent song "LIFE" is one of their best, right? please guys, take a chance, it's a masterpiece
  • Try J-Pop/J-Rock artist [artist]西野名菜[/artist](Nishino Nana).
  • god, I forgot how much I fucking love ikimono-gakari.
  • This new album is among their worst for me. It's not horrible, but I find myself skipping many of the album tracks because they already have songs like that in their discography, but ones I like more. I do like Snow Again a lot, though!
  • Please, let's try to change the main photo. Love this picture http://www.lastfm.com.br/music/%E3%81%84%E3%81%8D%E3%82%82%E3%81%AE%E3%81%8C%E3%81%8B%E3%82%8A/+images/75159722
  • meh, I'm silly, I'm super enjoying this new album. It's lovely and has some great songs besides the singles. Among the new tracks, I would highlight "Kirari", "LIFE", "Kagerou" and "SNOW AGAIN".
  • I thought "I" was an amazing album, as was "NEWTRAL" and those that came before it. I'm almost through listening to their new one and so far I think it is a boring album compared to their other albums. I'll have to listen to it a few more times
  • About "emotional appeal"... that's what's lacking in the band for me. Even thouse songs I liked in Hajimari no Uta is lacking this (except for singles and some little others song). In NEWTRAL I loved Warattetainda because is a strong song, like Life Album, but not the same song, but the same emotion. Aruite Ikou is a single in NEWTRAL that I liked, but is not strong enough to me, is a little empty.
  • I just feel super sad when people try to suppose that they have a musical taste better than yours only because you don't like the songs they like. Is it really necessary? I mean, we all love the same band and I think there are a lot of songs of them we all love. The same way these people don't like some songs I like, I don't like some songs they like. I recognize that "Akaneiro no Yakusoku" has a strong emotional appeal, it's a well-done song, but I just can't like it, I couldn't establish a sentimental connection with it. So, it sounds boring TO ME. Anyway, about their new album, I listened to some previews, and now I'm starting to think that it has some potential to be better than "I". I love these 3 singles you mentioned, although it took me some time to like "Love Song wa Tomaranai yo". Fechei minha sb porque ando meio desiludido com redes sociais de um modo geral... Mas você pode me mandar uma mensagem privada sempre que quiser.

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