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√eight/THE EIGHT was an alternative punk band from Sapporo, Japan. They held their last live on january 17th, 2010.

√eight was formed by guitarist Nachi(ex-WERKMARE) and vocalist Kyotaro(ex-VolarK) in 2004, who were soon joined by bassist Mukku(also ex-WERKMARE) and drummer Mitsuru(ex-ArcAdiA). Soon after the formation they released two Demo-CDs, followed by another Demo-CD in 2005 as well as several DVDs and contributions to V.A.-releases, most of these either independently released or on Nachi's Relative+Heart label.

In 2006 they released their first album, Illational, which was co-produced by Kenzi of ∀NTI FEMINISM. At the end of the year they released two more DVDs which showed their tour finals in Sapporo. In 2007 the band was joined by guitarist Ryo(ex-Since1889), and the name of the band was changed to THE EIGHT. They spoke of releasing a new album in late 2007, but this was never realised due to vocalist Kyotaro leaving the band in December to join Black:List. In December 2008, the band Black:List disbanded, and vocalist Kyotaro has decided to retire from music entirely due to family issues.
Shortly after vocalist Kyotaro's leave, guitarist Ryo also left the band. In august of 2008, female vocalist U(ex-LOW HEAD MACHINE) joined the band. As of June of 2009, drummer Mitsuru has temporarily left the band due to injuries.THE EIGHT will be using a support drummer, JUN, for the time being.
Mitsuru has returned as drummer from August 8th on.
On christmas eve 2009 the band announced that they would be disbanding after their live on January 17th 2010.

As of January 2010, Nachi and Mitsuru are full members in 妃阿甦, as Thifu and Toro. The current status of U is still unknown, but in February 2010 it was announced Mukku would be acting as support bassist for 妃阿甦 as well. Nachi, Mukku and Mitsuru also formed a new band called HAZE, which has not seen much activity. Guitarist Nachi has also organised some session lives where he would perform vocals on √eight and Werkmare songs.

Ryo and Kyotaro both left the music scene, apart from incidental session shows (Ryo performed with other ex-Since1889 members in a session band, and Kyotaro performed an acoustic show).
Later in 2010, Kyotaro temporarily joined かなぶん as guitarist, but left when he formed his own session band the new word CULTURE. In 2011 he fully returned to the music scene as vocalist for the band COCKROACH.

U - Vocals (2008-2010) (ex-Low Head Machine)
那智 (Nachi) - Guitar, Vocals (2004-2010)(ex-WERKMARE, now in 妃阿甦 and HAZE)
ムック (Mukku) - Bass (2004-2010) (ex-WERKMARE, now in HAZE)
みつる (Mitsuru) - Drums (2004-2010) (ex-ArcAdiA, now in 妃阿甦 and HAZE)

Former members:
狂太郎 (Kyotaro) - Vocals, harmonica (2004-2007) (ex-Volark, ex-Black:List, now in COCKROACH)
RYO - Guitar (2007-2008) (ex-Since1889)
JUN - Support Drums (2009)


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