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SIVA was a visual kei hard rock band from Kantou, Japan signed to the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION indies label. They formed in February 2005. The band concept is 裏路地 (ura roji; a back alley or the back bottom). Their first live was held on March 17, at NAGOYA CLUB QUATTRO. After guitarist Iori left the band in March 2008, the band changed the name from Siva to SIVA. They disbanded on July 25, 2009.

Vocals: カイリ (Kairi) (ex. ヴィシュヌSivaLucky13gaNesha)
Guitar: 雄一 (Yuuichi) (ex. Fatima+QueenElDoradoEllDoradoLucky13gaNesha)
Bass: Cell (ex. Alc<αA>diaSivaしかバンビ)
Drums: 霧 (Kiri) (ex. Mareydi†CreiaAlc<αA>diaRhymeSiva)

Former Members
Guitar: 依織 (Iori) (ex. PhobiaLamielBlastSivacocklobin)
Drums: カルト (Karuto) (ex. SivaホーンテッドhauntedVallsMELISSAD'sko)
Support Drums: アキ (Aki) (ex. ENEMY ZEROxPhearxバビロン(support) → Siva(support) → 時空海賊SEVEN SEASE'm~grief~Pirates Flags ~Instrumentals of SEVEN SEAS~Art Cube(support))

2005.04.24 BEAUTIFUL DRUG (live distributed single)
2006.04.12 供華絢爛記 (Kyouka Kenranki) (maxi single)
2006.04.12 下の刻 (Shita no Koku) (maxi single)
2006.09.06 アスラ (Asura) (mini album)
2007.06.06 (Homura) (maxi single)
2007.07.04 紅蓮 (Guren) (maxi single)
2007.07.11 CROSS GATE 2007~STRAWBERRY SEEDS~ (M-02. riot) (omnibus)
2007.08.01 朧火 (Oborobi) (maxi single)
2007.10.17 Tribute to Phantasmagoria (M-09. NEO ARK) (omnibus)
2008.02.13 wrong of justice (maxi single)
2008.03.18 COPY (best album)
2008.03.26 CROSS GATE 2008~chaotic sorrow~ (M-03. concealment) (omnibus)
2008.08.20 Liberalism (maxi single)
2008.08.20 demolish (maxi single)
2008.10.08 DEATH EDUCATION (mini album)
2008.11.19 Past New Phase -Phantasmagoria Tribute Album DELUX EDITION- (M-10. NEO ARK) (omnibus)
2008.11.26 Time in wish (best album)
2009.01.21 Durga (single)
2009.02.25 Kali (single)
2009.03.11 Parvathi (single)
2009.07.01 SIVA (best album)
2013.03.14 High Style Paradox 2003~2013 (M-08. Riot) (omnibus)


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