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  1. Japanese visual kei band active from 2000 to 2002.

    Vocal: R@y (→PERSONA→insomnia)
    Guitar: Hideka (→PERSONA→)
    Guitar: Ken2 (→Previous→PERSONA→)…

  2. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  3. VOGUE → nuvɔ:gu

    Vocal: CHIKA
    Guitar: JEANA
    Guitar: CIVA
    Bass: HIKO
    Drums: JUN

  4. ―MEMBERS―

    Vocal: SHINOBU
    Guitar: TOMOYA
    Bass: SHINJI
    Drums: MAKOTO (REQUIEM → OBSCeNE → ROOM → PlatinA Forest → Sound Bee → NEVER LAND → KNIT…

  5. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  6. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  7. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  8. 翡翠 (Hisui) was an indies visual kei band formed in the early 90's and disbanded around 1999.
    Members were: KENGO (vocals), KUMIKO (percussion,…

  9. Active: 1998-1999

    Fer;rite was an indies visual kei band, active during the late 90's. The only known release was their demo-tape 窓 which was limited…

  10. (2000.05 - 2002.06.23)


  11. Alluring visual-kei duo consisting of:
    Keito - vocal
    Ryoga - guitar

    They released a few demo-tapes and were active around 2001.

    Status: Disbanded

  12. Vocal
    天羽 amon → メロ
    雅 masa
    湊 minato → m:a.ture、メロ
    うらら urala(Support) → ポワトリン
    智 satoru(Support) → メロ

  13. Nude was an indie Jrock band formed in 2000 under the label Crow Music, they released 2 demos, 3 singles and 2 albums. They had their last live in…

  14. ピュエラ (Pyuera) were a visual-kei band signed to the Soleil record label in the late 1990's, formed by Rai and Krus in April 1998. They started their…

  15. Vocal
    RAN ラン →Cell*June→bellberry(So)→MAYBEE CRAZEE→Awl(走)
    姪史 テツシ →D'evious→Lubis Cadir(サポート)→Cell'share→Cell*June→Lued…

  16. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  17. S was formed in 1998 by O-Zekki (later on changed to Zekki-) on bass and Yuna and Itsuki (whose name used to be Luka) on guitar. All three were…

  18. Vo. Nasty (→ZELIACORT→THE CAT FOOD LOUNGE.→2nd effect (Motoki)→retired)
    Gu. Atsushi (→ZELIACORT→CLeiR→Broker→the Clock work orange)

  19. Members:
    Vocal - 嘩月 →眩~MEMAI~暈(IBITSU)→Veill→Quarry→
    Guitar - KAZU→和 →Veill→
    Bass - 美華 →Veill→眩酔
    Drums - 瀞蘭 →RENASIS→Veill→Ash(瀞欄)→RusHサポート→CRAZY…


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