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  1. Nigatsu Sanjuu Gonichi was a Japanese visual kei band which disbanded on july 12th 2007.

    vo. 奈音 -Naoto-
    → BUVLE BLEACH → (アニヲタク)…

  2. マウス (Mouse) was a Japanese visual-indies band.
    Their former guitarist, TaizO, is now with Kra.
    Vocalist 櫂斗 is in ユナイト.

  3. ギロ (Giro) was an japanese rock band founded in 2006 and disbanded in 2007.

    Vocals: 大悟
    Guitar: 臣 (went to nil delete heads)
    Bass: とし (went to…

  4. かくてる♪note was an oshare kei band from Japan. They are disbaned today.

    Vo. とわ (かくてる♪note→バッハ→Zip.er)
    Gt. rei ( かくてる♪note→)
    Gt. 輔清 …

  5. クロウズ (Kurouzu / Crows) were formed on November 2005 and held their first live the same month.
    Their their first one-man live was held in…

  6. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  7. Eile de Mu makes dark music, a mix between gothic and rock, and sometimes also some metal. The vocals and the distorted guitars are mainly on the…

  8. gossip is a Japanese indies visual kei band with a dark and sinister edge that was formed in Tokyo in early 2005 by vocalist Hiro. Their first live…

  9. BERLIN was a visual kei band from Osaka, Japan that was formed in August 2005 by Kaguya, Mei, Shizuku and Yumeji. The drummer Tomoki joined later.…

  10. 査~マルサ~ (Marusa) was a promising band which disbanded quite suddenly. Their music was quite heavy, dark and very melodic. Kei’s voice was also a…

  11. エトセトラ Biography:
    2002.Apr 結成(Vocal 雪花ex.Sadie'sCourregesを中心に結成)
    2002.May 初ライブ(1st Live)
    2002.May.26 Guitar アキ official join エトセトラ

  12. Die La'vice (ディエラヴィス) was a visual kei band from Tokyo, Japan which formed in 2005/09 and disbanded at 2007/04/30.

    OHP | Visunavi | vkdb…

  13. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  14. Garret was a Japanese visual indie band that has been formed in 2006, consisting of four members.

    Vo. LAER, later moved on to Dark…


    Vocal 猟 →BLUEチョコレヱト→RENNY AMY→D&L→BORN
    Guitar ヒデ →エトセトラ→RENNY AMY→D&L→BORN
    Guitar Kohta →RENNY AMY→D&L→BORN
    Bass きらぁ…

  16. Members:

    Vo. 遥 -Haruka- (RED→ ギルティア → D'eiz)
    Gt. 苓
    Gt. 崇太郎 -Shutaro- (RED→ 我羇道)
    Ba. りと -Rito- (RED→ 我羇道)
    Dr. 哲郎 (RED→ Amaranth)

  17. 2006 ~ 2008

    Vocal … 音-おと-
    → 黒羽 → 悪いヤツ! →

    Guitar … 怜-れい-
    → TRANS PARENT → 悪いヤツ! → Jewel →

    Guitar … サオイ→サウォイ-さおい-
    → Blue Tears → Hameln →…

  18. -OZ- is a japanese visual kei band with a heavy rock sound. They were formed in 2004, but started to release material in 2005.
    -OZ- is currently…

  19. 機械人形歌劇団カラクリ (Kikai Ningyou Kagekidan Kara Kuri), former カラクリ (Kara-Kuri), was a japanese rock band that formed November 2004 and disbanded in…


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