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  1. Misery was formed around July 2000.
    Consisting of the following members:
    Vo. Kanai
    Gt. TOMO (Moved on to Chaos System, then high-ball)
    Gt. Yura…

  2. Earl Grey was a Visual Kei band signed to the label Eternal, a sub label of Matina.

    Vocals. 雪兎
    Guitar. Zill
    Bass: Ryu
    Drums: Yu~go

    Former members -…

  3. eze:quL was an indies visual kei band, active from 1999/03/**-2001/05/**.

    Eze:quL was a fairly unknown band during their time.

    The golden year for…

  4. vellaDonna was a visual kei band on the Matina label. They formed on November 1, 1997 and were quite active until they disbanded on February 11,…

  5. Syndrome was a gothic visual kei rock band from Japan founded by guitarist Ruiza (ex. LAYBIAL) and bassist KISAKI (ex. MIRAGE) in January 2000.…

  6. Members:
    Vocal - KAMIYU →DoLLs-eyE→
    Guitar - MASASHI →DoLLs-eyE→
    Guitar - 翡翠 →DoLLs-eyE→Cryella→GHOST→as.milk(hisui)
    Bass - YU-u…

  7. Mëbíus was a Japanese visual kei band that formed in July of 2000. They were signed with Matina, and released two demotapes and three CDs…

  8. Vice†risk was a visual kei band from Japan. They were active from 2000 to late 2001 and broke up over disagreements.

    Last Known Line-up


  9. Cynthia was a visual-kei band from Tokyo, Japan. They formed in 1996. Their band concept was "Psychological Stimulation", playing symphonic/gothic…

  10. This is an incorrect artist tag for GARDEN.

  11. LAYBIAL (1999 - 2000)

    Vocal: 聖月 (Seitsuki) (Distray → LAYBIAL)
    Guitar: 哀 (Ai) (Ver:tige → Lumi/Ere → LAYBIAL → オルゴール)
    Guitar: 涙沙 (Ruiza)…

  12. Status: Disbanded
    Formation: December 1997
    Disband: 4th February 2000

    La Fẽerie was an indie visual kei band from Japan, signed to the…

  13. DEFLOWER consisted of early Noir Fleurir artist. The members include TOMO as guitarist, 可憐 on guitar, KENGO on bass, 草紙 on drums and 靖 as the…

  14. Members
    Vocal: Hiro
    Guitar: Maya
    Guitar: Koni
    Bass/Chorus: Nao (Sense of Shape → S.S → If → gaia → the TRADS)

    Vocal: TOMO (Misty…

  15. Lavender were a visual kei/melodic rock band active from 1997 till 1999.

    They were produced on the Matina label. The only currently active member…

  16. Vocal & Guitar: KEI
    De≠prive → DE=LUGE → Vierge → Madeth gray'll → JELLY BERRY → Schwardix Marvally → 妃&関西貴族

    Guitar: YAYOI
    De≠prive → 刹∞那 → Sense…

  17. NéiL (ネイル) 1996 - 2000
    grass thread / Jame / VKDB

    NéiL was one band from the Key Party record label.

    Vo. Daisuke (ZIJABEL→NéiL→Jezebel)

  18. Years active: 1995-1999

    Vocal … KAZUKI
    → CANARY → 凛廻! → Rinne

    Bass … 紫乃 (now ユーゼ)
    → LA VALLIÉRE → CANARY → Vice†Risk → La'miss†fairy(紫乃) →…

  19. Members:
    Vocal - 嘩月 →眩~MEMAI~暈(IBITSU)→Veill→Quarry→
    Guitar - KAZU→和 →Veill→
    Bass - 美華 →Veill→眩酔
    Drums - 瀞蘭 →RENASIS→Veill→Ash(瀞欄)→RusHサポート→CRAZY…


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