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  1. As If in the darkness is a band from Tokyo, Japan formed in August 2009, just one month after the disbanding of vocalist mar and guitarist 有希…

  2. Japan (2005 - 2007)

    Bloody Mary was a Visual kei band, formed in 2005 and disbanded in 2007.

    Vocals: 康介 (Yasushi)
    Guitar: 義光 (Yoshi)…

  3. Leviathan is a visual kei band formed in 2007.

    Vocal: Daichi
    Guitar: 雪(Yuki)
    Guitar: 凛
    Bass: AG
    Drums: みぅ(Miu)

    2008.02.12 first…

  4. VELGREED was a Japanese rock band from Osaka, Japan, formed in 2008 and disbanded in 2010.

    Vocal: 鳴 (Naru; ex-Lovin',ex-VULGAR, now in…

  5. ゾディア (Zodia) was a visual kei band signed to Under Code Production, which formed in April of 2008 and disbanded on December 13th, 2008.


  6. DEPAIN is a japanese Indies Visual Kei band, formed in 2009.


    Vo. 龍華 (Ryuka)(ex. uNruSt)
    Gu. 猛 (Takeru)(ex. Medue'obscur (support) →…

  7. Mr.unknown is a visual kei band from Hiroshima, Japan formed in 2007. On hiatus since November 2010.

    Vocal: 京介 (Kyosuke)
    Guitar: takekazu…

  8. Vo: 鳴 (now in VELGREED)

    Gt: KEITA

    Gt: 剛

    Support Bass:雄紀 (ex.Bloody Mary)

    Dr: 仁 (Jin) (now in Villain)


  9. VanessA was a Tokyo based Visual Kei band that began towards the end of 2007 /beginning of 2008.

    VanessA Offical Site
    VanessA's Visunavi Profile…

  10. DI3SIRAE was a japanese Metal Band.
    In the beginning of May 2008 the Band changed its name from Velvet Nightmare to DI3SIRAE. They disbanded on…

  11. 闇撫 (Yaminade) was a metal band from Tokyo, Japan.

    Vocals: 陽 (Akira; ex- 黒雛)
    Guitar: 岬 (Misaki; ex- 黒雛)
    Bass: 宏樹 (Hiroki)


  12. BERLIN was a visual kei band from Osaka, Japan that was formed in August 2005 by Kaguya, Mei, Shizuku and Yumeji. The drummer Tomoki joined later.…

  13. ギルティア (Gilltia) was a Japanese visual kei band, formed in 2008.

    Vo. 遥 -Haruka- (RED → ギルティア → D'eiz)
    Gu. Vivi
    Gu. 唯 -Yui- (Ruincrear →…

  14. ヴェルテクス-Vertex- is a jrock/metal band formed in May 2008.
    They had their first live show on 18th,October 2008 at 徳島CROWBAR.

    Line up:

  15. ラッド (Pronounced: Rado / Lad) was an indies Visual Kei Rock band from Tokyo, Japan. The four-member band was formed in April of 2007, and held…

  16. Villain was a rock/metal visual kei band signed to CROW MUSIC. The band formed on March 25, 2006 by the four members of ギル, with the edition of…

  17. GRIEVER is a visual kei band that formed (from the ashes of BERLIN) in 2008 and split on December 26, 2009

    Vo. SIN → ASTRAY
    Gu. KIKYO →…

  18. Saga was a visual kei band from Japan from 2007 to 2009 comprised of former Nadir members.

    Vocal: 慎也 (Shinya)
    → Blanc⊃Nero → Nadir →…

  19. アンデット -Undead- was a japanese Indie Rock Band.
    Their debut was in January 2006. They started their activities under the name 「NEUE ZIEL」,


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