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HERO is a Japanese Visual/Oshare Kei band formed in 2007 by former MASK frontman, Jin. The band held their first live on August 17th, 2007 at LIQUIDROOM Ebisu. They released their first single on May 28th entitled 「優しい言葉」. Before their second single was released, Jun joined the band as the official drummer. Making HERO a full 4 piece group. The second single was titled 「超過激愛歌 ~Super Ultra Lovesong~」. They released their third single 「かっこ悪ぃ歌」, on December 12th, 2008.

HERO's most recent release is their first full album called, 「THE HERO」. It was released on March 18th, and features 6 new songs that were not featured on their first 3 singles.

After their 2nd one-man live in Astrohall, Jun decided to leave the band.

Yusuke joined in June of 2009.

Vo: 尽 (jin) (MASKHERO)
Ba: yu-ta
Dr: Yusuke

Dr: Jun (left April 2009)


2008.05.28: 優しい言葉
2008.09.03: 超過激愛歌 ~Super Ultra Lovesong~
2008.12.10: かっこ悪ぃ歌
2009.03.18: THE HERO
2009.07.22: Oh My God!!
2009.09.03: Oh My Darlin'
2009.11.25: Oh My HERO
2010.05.26. - V.A - NEO VOLTAGE (omnibus)
2010.06.02. - Not Found
2010.09.01. - Period
2011.01.12. - LIFE
2011.06.08. - Soprano

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