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  1. Phobia is a Japanese visual-kei band from Nagoya, Japan. Phobia are one of the most well known and popular indie Nagoya-kei style bands. Lively and…

  2. Lamiel was a visual/nagoya kei band, existing from 1997 till 2000.

    Lamiel was formed by Yuina (vo.) and Akira (gt.) in 1997. Then aie (gt.) and Ruka…

  3. DIMMDIVISION. is a Japanese nagoya kei band, formed as dim my division in 2011. In 2012 they did a small name change.

    DIMMDIVISION. consist of Yuki…

  4. Sugar (シュガー) was a Japanese visual/Nagoya kei rock group made up of ex Vall’na racill vocalist Loki, SIZNA (Gu.), 殊 (Koto; Ba.) and 篤人 (Atsuto;…

  5. S was formed in 1998 by O-Zekki (later on changed to Zekki-) on bass and Yuna and Itsuki (whose name used to be Luka) on guitar. All three were…

  6. GULLET (ガレット) was a japanese alternative (indie) band from the area of Nagoya.

    The band was formed in 2002 but officially began activities in…

  7. OHP: http://www.leprica.jp/
    Mobile: http://freepe.com/ii.cgi?lepricainfo

    Vocal - Raya
    Drums - Be…S

    Left in October 2011:
    Guitar - XiN

  8. tosinn (トーシン) was a Japanese band which disbanded in 2004.

    vocals nigu →De:zaide→babysitter→tosinn→cocklobin
    guitars Ku-Noo →Belle…

  9. DUMMY CHILDREN was a japanese band active from December 2001 to October 2004.

    Vocal: SIN
    Guitar: 鬨
    Bass: ハク
    Drums: 優

    Official Homepage

  10. Ryo - vocals
    Kanon - guitar
    Makoto - bass

    D'elsquel was a japanese oldschool visual kei band formed in 1994, in Niigata. Most of the band's music…

  11. Be≒Luna consisted of:

    Vocals: 宗 (ex-DEATHGAZE/デスゲイズ)
    Guitar: KATE →Be≒Luna→hell:near→
    Bass: 李愛
    Drums: 秘翠

    ex-member: Guitar: TSUNAKI

  12. ベリィ (Berry) was a visual kei band from Nagoya, Japan active from 2001 to 2003.

    Vocal: ハヅキ (Hazuki) (lynch., ex-DEATHGAZE, ex-KUSSE)
    Bass: ヤイリ…

  13. Formed in 1991 in Nagoya, Japan, Merry go round were a visual kei band who had a long life as an indie mainstay.

    The band’s early years (1991-1994)…

  14. Galruda was a 4-piece visual/gothic rock band from Niigata, Japan. They formed in February 2001 and disbanded in December 2001. The band only…

  15. KISUIプロジェクト is a side project/session band formed by KISUI

    Vocals: KISUI(Phobia→希≠雅→SIX-R)
    Chorus: HIZUMI(D'espairsRay)
    Guitar&Chorus: 楓(Phobia→ )…

  16. In April 1997 眞呼 (vo) (former roadie of Merry-go-round), Reo (gu) (ex- Lustair), Yukino (gu) and Ritsu (ba) (both ex- Risk), who all came from…

  17. Konig
    Toronto, Ontario - dark wave, electronic



    König is the name for the…

  18. MaveRick have changed their name into Eat You Alive.

    Vocal : 紅(ex. GRIND -グラインド- (as[K]ray))
    Guitar : 躯→696→亮平(ex. The Royal Crow(as 椋) → HATED)…

  19. There are various bands under the name babysitter.

    1. Babysitter was a japanese visual kei band.

    2. Babysitter is a band from Victoria, BC, Canada.…


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