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Chae Yeon (채연) is a Korean pop singer who was born on December 10, 1978. Although visible now in the public eye, it took her many years to get to that point. In fact, she had to start out her career in the Japanese music industry first as member of group UltraCats (ウルトラキャッツ). She is known for her dancing skills and for her beauty, despite the fact that she is older than most Korean pop singers, who are in their teens or early 20s. Her biggest single was 둘이서, which was the lead single from her second album; this single pushed her to #1 on many music charts. In fact, the song became so popular that parts of the choreography became known as the "Na na na" dance (named after the hook of the song).

Her third album came in the fall of 2005. Simply titled III, it contained music in the same vein of her previous work. However, the first single, 오직 너, fared poorly on the charts, mostly because it was nowhere near as catchy as her last singles, nor did it have a strong beat. She quickly switched to the Disco mix of the song, which helped sustain its life on the charts, although not by much. The second single, 세번째 사랑, also fared poorly, despite the fact that it had a very sexy video and was significantly catchier than the first single. However, this can be attributed to the fade of sexy R&B music in Korea (although it is still popular, ballads are once again the style of choice for Korean singers). She managed to maintain her popularity by continually participating in variety shows, such as SBS's X-Man and Love Letter, where she portrays both cute and sexy images. Although her third album activities were finished in early 2006, she still remains on these shows.

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