• How varied is your music taste?

    12 Oct 2009, 19:42 by Ashura-chan

  • Spring Songs

    30 Mar 2007, 09:13 by jennyukari

    I haven't bought anything in a while. While most new releases haven't impressed me lately, there are a few albums that did spark interest.

    (1) First there's 安全地帯 (Anzen Chitai - Safety Zone) - a Japanese band that was quite popular back in the 1980s. Their music fills me with longing for days gone by. Modern-day artists don't quite make such epic ballads anymore... at least not in the style that 安全地帯i does. Lead singer, 玉置浩二's vocals are pure love. It's rich, emotional... and classic. 安全地帯 is especially amazing as a group because Tamaki's solo releases don't quite give me the same satisfaction as his work with the band. Since they have a lot of albums, I thought that the best thing to do is to buy their greatest hits compilations - their 2CD Ballad Collection - 'Only You' and their greatest hits album - 'The Very Best of Anzen Chitai.'

    My favorite 安全地帯 song is also the first 安全地帯 song I've ever heard - 'Suki Sa', which was a theme song for the Maison Ikkoku anime…
  • My Asian CD Collection

    5 Feb 2006, 07:02 by jennyukari


    Vol. 4 Once N 4 All
    Vol. 5 One Way

    Vol. 1 Open the Road

    201 (Special Edition)

    Bobby Kim
    Vol. 2 Beats Within My Soul

    Vol. 1 The Brian
    Vol. 2 Manifold

    Brown Eyed Girls
    Vol. 1 Your Story

    Brown Eyes
    Vol. 1 With Coffee
    Vol. 2 Reason 4 Breathing?
    Vol. 3 Two Things Needed For The Same Purpose and 5 Objects

    Vol. 1 Morning of Buzz

    Vol. 1 Introspect

    Vol. 3 Between
    Vol. 4 Polyester Heart
    Vol. 5 Tender

    Vol. 1 Donawhale

    1st Storybook "Hug"
    2nd Storybook "The Way U Are"
    Vol. 1 Tri-Angle
    3rd Storybook "Special Photo Essay in L.A."
    Vol. 3 "O"-正.反.合(Repackaged Version D) (CD+DVD)

    Vol. 1 Just My Way

    Epik High
    Vol. 3 Black Swan Songs (Repackaged Special Edition) (2CD)

    Vol. 1 Hard to Breath

    Vol. 1 Radio Dayz
    Vol. 2 Spectrum

    Fly to the Sky
    Vol. 2 The Promise
    Contact: Fly to the Sky & Kim Jo Han Joint Live Concert (CD+VCD)