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  1. 안녕바다, often translated to "Bye Bye Sea," is a four member group signed to Fluxus Entertainment. They released their first Mini-album in 2009…

  2. Korean Indie Band.

    official site: http://www.mistyblue.co.kr/

    label: http://www.pastelmusic.com/

  3. W & Whale (korean: 더블유앤웨일) is a collaboration between W (Where the Story Ends) and female vocalist Whale (웨일).
    They released their full-length…

  4. 뜨거운 감자

    기본 정보
    국가 대한민국
    장르 포크 록
    활동 시기 1997년 ~ 현재
    소속사 다음기획
    김C(보컬, 기타), 고범준(베이스)
    이전 구성원
    하세가와 요헤이(기타)

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  6. 어른아이 (adultchild) is a Korean indie pop singer under pastelmusic. adultchild debuted as a three-member band, however, after the release of their…

  7. 디어 클라우드 (Dear Cloud) is a Korean rock band.

    용린(YongRin) - guitar
    나인(NaIn) - vocals
    이랑(IRang) - bass guitar
    정아(JongA) - keyboard…

  8. Korea Indie Band formed by

    보람 (Boram) Singer
    백성희 (Baek Seong Hwi) drums
    유호석 (Yu Ho Seok) leader and bass
    윤호 (Yun Ho) guitar
    박진서 (Bak Jin…

  9. Cherry Filter (체리필터) is a Korean rock band that was started by Jijonbo and his long time friends in 1997. They were mostly underground until…

  10. Im Heon Il 임헌일
    Position: Vocals and Guitar
    Born: November 13, 1983
    Debut: Jeong Won Young band
    Favorite musicians: Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff…

  11. There are at least two bands with the name Huckleberry Finn:

    1) is a Japanese indie pop band formed in 1999 whose last album, Cairn was released…

  12. Initial up is really a 5 member indie rock band named 엘 / Aile . This group consists of members Irene (vocals), Hae In (Guitar), Yoon Bak (Bass),…

  13. 뷰렛 (Biuret) is a rockband from Seoul, South Korea. Biuret formed in 2002, released their first EP in 2005 and later opened for British rock group…

  14. Oh Ji-Eun(오지은) is singer-songwriter from South Korea. She was recognized by winning bronze prize 17th Yoo Jae-Ha Music Competition at 2006.


  15. IBADI is a Korean acoustic project group under FLUXUS MUSIC. Vocalist Horan of Clazziquai introduces a whole new persona as a member of an…

  16. Nastyona is an indie rock band from Korea.
    The band was formed by lead singer/Keyboardist Yona(요나),guitarist Hojin(호진),bassist Dong-jun(동준), and…

  17. Achime is a Korean indie band. Achime made their first official release with single 거짓말 꽃 in 2009.

  18. Members:
    Vocals, Keyboard: Kwon Soon-Kwan 권순관
    Guitar: Jung Ook-Jae (정욱재)

    Agency: Happy Robot Records
    Debut: 2008

    EP - 고백하는 날
    Single -…

  19. Daybreak is a mellow South Korean rock group. They are composed of Lee Won Seok (이원석) on vocals, Kim Seon Il (김선일) on bass, Kim Jang Won (김장원)…

  20. 부활 (Boo Hwal – Born Again), is a Korean rock band formed in 1985 by the guitarist/songwriter 김태원. He changed the name from The End to 부활 in ‘86…


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