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  3. Incorrect tag for miss A.

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  5. Incorrect tag for miss A.

  6. 김진표 (born August 13, 1977) is a South Korean artist and former member of groups Panic and Novasonic.

    Kim Jin-pyo first debuted in the local pop…

  7. Incorrect tag for Lyn.

  8. Name: Lee Jung ( 이정)
    Nickname: The Korean Michael Jackson
    Real name: Lee Jung Hee ( 이정희)
    Birthday: October 24, 1981
    Family: 1 Sister, 1 Brother…

  9. Incorrect tag for Dal★shabet.

  10. Kim Jo Han (born March 27, 1973) is South Korean actor and singer. He is former member of Korean group Solid.


    * Height: 178 cm

  11. 이기찬 (Lee Ki Chan) is a singer in South Korea, recognized mainly for his ballads.

    Date of birth : January 10th, 1979
    Education : Seoul Arts College,…

  12. The correct tag is Big Bang. Suggest a correction to merge the pages and change your tags, please.

  13. 세븐, Pronounced "Seven" in English and also known as "SE7EN." He was born November 9th, 1984 and began his career at the age of 15 under YG…

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  15. There are at least 2 bands called V.O.S:

    1) Voice of Soul (V.O.S) is an R&B group with members 최현준 (Choi Hyun Joon) and 김경록 (Kim Kyung Rok). 박지헌…

  16. SG워너비 (Eng : SG Wannabe, SG stands for Simon and Garfunkel ) is a popular South Korean trio that debuted in 2004 with their single "Timeless."…

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  18. Park Myeong-su (Korean: 박명수, Hanja: 朴明洙; born August 27, 1970) is a Korean comedian, MC and singer who debuted on television in 1993, appearing…

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