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  1. Park Hye Kyung is a South Korean singer.

    Name: Park Hye-kyoung
    Born: October 12, 1974
    Debut Year/Debut Song: 1995/Delight
    Instruments: Vocals…

  2. 장혜진(본명:이남미, 1968년 5월 15일 ~ )은 대한민국의 대중 가수, 방송인이자 대학 교수이다.

    MBC 합창단 출신으로 1991년 1집 앨범 '꿈속에선 언제나'로 가요계에 데뷔했으며, 1993년 2집'Whitesm'을 발표하면서 대중들에게 자신의 이름을…

  3. This three member rock band has been around since 1999, and has been gracing the rock scene with many releases during their active years. They…

  4. Homepage:

    1993, June 20 ("My youth in a matchbox")

    Playing piano

    Jazz Dance, Taekundo


  5. Hong Kyung-min made his debut as a rock-ballad singer in 1997 with the song “Now.” Although he was recognized as a talented singer with his…

  6. Lee Eun Mi (born May 19, 1968) is Korean female singer.

    Blood type: B


    Walking Atop the Sound, 2009-03-10

    Albums …

  7. 이기찬 (Lee Ki Chan) is a singer in South Korea, recognized mainly for his ballads.

    Date of birth : January 10th, 1979
    Education : Seoul Arts College,…

  8. Vocal 이적
    Rap 김진표

    Panic is a Korean duo with 이적 (Lee Jeok) and as the vocal and 김진표 (Kim Jin Pyo) as the rapper for the group. The group was…

  9. Rumble Fish (럼블 피쉬) is a South Korean Indie band whose music is completely done by the members of the band themselves. The group disbanded in…

  10. Date of Birth: 1971/01/13
    Debut: Rainbow (Grand prize, Yoo Jae Ha music contest, 1989)
    Education: Dongguk University
    Physique: 176cm, 63kg
    Place of…

  11. 김진표 (born August 13, 1977) is a South Korean artist and former member of groups Panic and Novasonic.

    Kim Jin-pyo first debuted in the local pop…

  12. 박완규 (가수)

    기본 정보

    출생 1973년 음력 11월 7일

    대한민국 서울

    장르 Rock
    활동 시기 1996년 ~ 현재
    관련 활동 부활


    출생 : 1973년 음력 11월 7일 (대한민국)
    2남 1녀 중 막내
    슬하 1남 1녀 / 1994년…

  13. Yurisangja (Member: Park Seung-wha , born 11 March 1969 Lee Se-jun , born 6 July 1972) is a South Korean pop-ballad male duo formed in 1997.…

  14. We don't have a wiki here yet...
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  16. Han Kyung Il was born March 19, 1980 in Korea.

    He began his career in 2002, but in 2004 he had to stop his career to military service for two…

  17. Lee Young Hyun (이영현) is a powerful vocalist of Big Mama (빅마마), a South Korean female pop and RnB group debuted under M Boat, a former sister…

  18. Kim Hyun Jung (김현정, born 1973) professionally known as BMK or Big Mama King, is a South Korean female singer. After graduating from Seoul Jazz…

  19. Kim Jo Han (born March 27, 1973) is South Korean actor and singer. He is former member of Korean group Solid.


    * Height: 178 cm


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