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  1. 짙은 / Zitten is a South Korean indie acoustic duo under the label Pastel Music

    성용욱 / Song Yong Guk (vocals / acoustic guitar)
    윤형로 /…

  2. 브로콜리 너마저 (Broccoli, you too) is a Korean band, formed in 2005.

    브로콜리 너마저 (Broccoli, you too?)
    목욕탕에서 질질 짜다 나온듯한 순도 100%의 감성 밴드, ‘브로콜리 너마저’.

  3. 가을방학 (Autumn Vacation) is a Korean duo who play Indie music. Bobby Chung (formerly of Sister's Barbershop and Julia Hart) and Gyepy (formerly of…

  4. Sweden Laundry (스웨덴세탁소) is a female indie duo from South Korea. They are made up of 왕세윤 (Wang Se-yoon) and 최인영 (Choi In-young).They chose…

  5. 뜨거운 감자

    기본 정보
    국가 대한민국
    장르 포크 록
    활동 시기 1997년 ~ 현재
    소속사 다음기획
    김C(보컬, 기타), 고범준(베이스)
    이전 구성원
    하세가와 요헤이(기타)

  6. Daybreak is a mellow South Korean rock group. They are composed of Lee Won Seok (이원석) on vocals, Kim Seon Il (김선일) on bass, Kim Jang Won (김장원)…

  7. Oh Ji-Eun(오지은) is singer-songwriter from South Korea. She was recognized by winning bronze prize 17th Yoo Jae-Ha Music Competition at 2006.


  8. 안녕바다, often translated to "Bye Bye Sea," is a four member group signed to Fluxus Entertainment. They released their first Mini-album in 2009…

  9. The members of this korean modern rock band are:

    용린 (Yong-rin) - guitar
    나인 (Nine9) - vocals
    이랑 (I-rang) - bass guitar
    정아 (Jeong-ah) -…

  10. MoT (못) is a two piece Korean rock band. Their first album, "비선형 (Non-linear)", was released in 2004. In May 2007, after a three year hiatus, they…


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