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  1. Incorrect tag for Supreme Team

  2. 김진표 (born August 13, 1977) is a South Korean artist and former member of groups Panic and Novasonic.

    Kim Jin-pyo first debuted in the local pop…

  3. 은지원 (Eun Ji Won) born June 8, 1978, is a Korean musician and leader of the 90s boy group Sechskies. After the group initially disbanded in 2000, he…

  4. Vocal 이적
    Rap 김진표

    Panic is a Korean duo with 이적 (Lee Jeok) and as the vocal and 김진표 (Kim Jin Pyo) as the rapper for the group. The group was…

  5. Brown Eyed Soul (브라운 아이드 소울) is a Korean R&B group who released their debut album, Soul Free, in September, 2003. Their single Jeongmal Sarang…

  6. 드렁큰 타이거
    Drunken Tiger

    기본 정보
    국가 대한민국
    장르 랩, 힙합
    레이블 정글 엔터테인먼트
    웹사이트 KOREA official site
    U.S.A official site
    JAPAN official site
    타이거 JK
    이전 구성원


  7. 윤도현 (尹道賢, 1972년 2월 3일 ~ )은 대한민국의 하드 록 음악가이자 뮤지컬 배우, 방송 진행자이다.


    경기도 파주시에서 태어나, 동네에서 "세탁소집 아들"로 통했다. 1991년 문산고등학교를 졸업했다.
    김제동과 친한 것으로 유명하다.

  8. Suggest use: Clazziquai Project

    Name: Clazziquai 클래지콰이
    Pronounced: kla•ji•kwai
    ○ DJ Clazzi
    Real Name: Kim Sung Hoon (김성훈)
    Is the…

  9. CB Mass was a South Korean Hip Hop group made of three members: Curbin, Choiza, Gaeko.

    They have a discography of three albums: "MassMediah"…

  10. Name: Lee Jung ( 이정)
    Nickname: The Korean Michael Jackson
    Real name: Lee Jung Hee ( 이정희)
    Birthday: October 24, 1981
    Family: 1 Sister, 1 Brother…

  11. Cho Joong Hoon (조중훈), born January 21, 1976, is better known by his stage name Cho PD. He is a South Korean hip hop record producer, composer…

  12. http://www.last.fm/music/MC+Sniper

  13. Lee Eun Mi (born May 19, 1968) is Korean female singer.

    Blood type: B


    Walking Atop the Sound, 2009-03-10

    Albums …

  14. Name: Yoo Seung Jun (유승준)
    English name: Steve Yoo
    Occupation: Singer, rapper, dancer
    Country: South Korea
    Birthday: December 15, 1976…

  15. korean hip-hop.

  16. Date of Birth: 1971/01/13
    Debut: Rainbow (Grand prize, Yoo Jae Ha music contest, 1989)
    Education: Dongguk University
    Physique: 176cm, 63kg
    Place of…

  17. Kim Kyung Ho (김경호, born June 7, 1971 in Mokpo, South Korea) is a Korean rock singer known for his efforts in bringing rock music to South Korea…

  18. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  19. YDG (b. 양동근, aka romanised: Yang Dong-Geun), is the stage-name of a South Korea actor & hip-hop / k-hiphop artist.

    Sites: Ko.Wikipedia.


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