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Similar Artists

  1. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  2. Arranger: 創 無頼人 (Buraito Hajime) also known as So Bright (souburaito)
    Circle: C-CLAYS, K2 SOUND

  3. Kiritansu is a arranger. Also known as 桐箪笥 (Kiritansu), 京箪笥 (Kyoutansu)

    Circle: C-CLAYS, K2 SOUND


  4. Arranger, composer, orchestrator, DJ.



  5. Miyū mimi munashi mutō. Arranger.

    Circle: K2 SOUND


  6. name: Shizuku Kirishima
    circle: Melodic of Harp
    www: http://melodic-harp.net/

  7. Arranger: 42bit
    Circle: Crazy Voltage
    Homepage: http://crv.sakura.ne.jp/

  8. Nyohi (如日) is a Japanese arranger and member of the doujin music circle UI-70.

  9. name: tsuuten
    circle: Sound skt
    www: http://tuutenn.s66.xrea.com/

  10. Name: Futatsuki Aya

    Circle: C-CLAYS


  11. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  12. name: Zeroshiki Shinzan
    circle: Zeroshiki's House 【っ´Д`)っゼロ式の家】

  13. Arrangement, composition, guitar and bass played by:
    -刹那 (setsuna)

    -黒夜葬 (Black Night Funeral)
    -Vermillion-D Alice Syndrome…

  14. Gojyo-kai (五条下位) is the leader and main arranger of the doujin music circle SYNC.ART'S.

  15. Sonic Hispeed Omega is Japanese doujin music circle (later changed to Sonic Hybrid Orchestra) , formed by SHO (キセノンP)who is popular vocaloid…

  16. Circle: Siestail
    Arranger: すぺらんかー (Spelunker)
    Homepage: http://siestail.net/

  17. So Bright (創無頼人, Souburaito) is a Japanese arranger and member of the doujin music circle C-CLAYS.

  18. name: Nyo
    circle: HieroGraph (AQUA STYLE, Hachikuma)
    www: http://www.hierograph.net/

  19. みょん (MyonMyon) is a metal Touhou Project arrange doujinshi solo project from Japan active since 2007.

    Guitar/Bass/Keyboard: みょん (Myon)…


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