• 窦唯/DouWei complete discography

    5 Dec 2009, 22:40 by metalickl

    窦唯 / Dou Wei / douwei

    Being my favourite musician, I wanted to talk about his music for a while now. douwei is one of the most inventive, talented musicians from China, producing splendid sound across a wide range of music genres. Douwei is a man of authenticity, making music for a life and not a living. Here, I'll give a personal categorization to his music from the past 15 years.

    * 1991年 黑豹 专辑 与黑豹乐队合作
    (heavy metal, chinese rock)

    * 1994年 黑梦 专辑 与做梦乐队合作
    (post-punk, chinese rock, neo-psychedelia)
    -similar to Bauhaus, The Cure

    * 1995年 艳阳天 专辑
    (electronica, ambient, electronic, indie pop, synth)

    * 1998年 山河水 专辑
    (electronica, ambient, electronic, indie pop, synth)

    * 1999年 幻听 专辑 与译乐队合作
    (alternative rock, post-rock, ambient)

    * 2000年 雨吁 专辑 与译乐队合作 (录制)
    (alternative rock, post-rock)
    -similar to Hex

    * 2003年 一举两得 专辑 与不一定乐队合作
    (jazz rock, jazz fusion, post-rock, ambient, electronic)