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  1. Chang Yu-Sheng (張雨生, Chang Yu Sheng, Tom, June 7, 1966—November 12, 1997) was a Taiwanese male pop singer, as well as a famous composer and…

  2. Lee Sheng Jie
    Sam Lee Sheng Jie
    Sam Li Sheng Jie
    Sam Lee
    Lǐ Shèngjié

    Sam Lee is a Taiwanese singer and songwriter. He is one-quarter…

  3. Sun Nan / 孙楠, born February 18, 1969, is a pop singer from mainland China.

  4. Liu Li Yang (simplified Chinese: 刘力扬; pinyin: Liú Lìyáng, English name: Jade), born in 24 October 1982, first found popularity in the third season…

  5. 李宇春 (Li Yuchun)/Chris Lee, born March 10, 1984, is a Chinese pop singer, who achieved instant fame when she won the nation-wide singing contest…

  6. Liu Huan (Chinese 刘欢 simplified; 劉歡 traditional), born August 26, 1963, is a male pop singer and songwriter in China.

  7. name: Apple Ye
    Language: Mandarin

    I Want My Freedom (18 January 2008)

  8. Isabelle Huang (Chinese: 黄龄; pinyin: Huang Ling), born on February 13, 1987 in Shanghai, is a Chinese singer who gained fame after her popular hit…

  9. Ma Tianyu (Chinese: 马天宇; pinyin: Ma Tiānyǔ), born July 12, 1986 in Dezhou, Shandong, China is a Hui mandopop singer, actor, and model who rose to…

  10. 阿木 - born 2nd May, is a singer from Asia.


    电影:《雪镯》 男一号 …

  11. Both the band members, Lu Gengxu and Miao Jie, are graduates of China’s top university, Tsing Hua. Despite their non-musical education, Age of…

  12. Amguulan (阿穆隆) (born August 30, 1984), commonly known as Amulong or Amu, is a Chinese singer and songwriter of Mongolian descent.

  13. 徐千雅 / Kiya Tsui (born February 13, 1981) is a Chinese singer.

  14. Zhang Hanyun (Chinese: 张含韵; Pinyin: Zhāng Hányùn; born 9 April 1989), also known as Baby Zhang or Kristy Zhang, is a Chinese singer. Kristy rose…

  15. 信樂團 (Pinyin: Xìn Yuè Tuán Simplified: 信乐团 English: Shin)

    Shin ( 信乐团; simplified chinese ) (pinyin: Xìn yuètuán) are a Taiwanese five-man rock group…

  16. Tarcy Su (simplified Chinese: 苏慧伦; traditional Chinese: 蘇慧倫; pinyin: Sū Huìlún; born October 27, 1970 in Taipei, Taiwan) is a Taiwanese singer and…

  17. 胡杨林, born 6 February 1983, is a Chinese singer.

  18. Name: Xue Zhiqian 薛之谦
    English name: Jacky
    Company: Shang Teng Entertainment
    Birthday: 07/17/1983
    Zodiac: Cancer
    Birthplace: Shanghai CHINA …

  19. Wanfang (simplified Chinese: 万芳; traditional Chinese: 萬芳), also known as Wanfang Lin, born July 6, 1967 in Taipei, is a Taiwanese Mandopop singer. She…


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