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  1. Since1889 were a metal band from Niigata, Japan that was formed in 2004 and disbanded in 2009.

    Last Lineup
    Vocal: 菅原広太(Sugahara Kouta) (かるあ(as…

  2. VELVETNIGHTMARE is an japanese Rock/ Metal band.
    In the beginning of May 2008 the band changed its name from VELVETNIGHTMARE to DI3SIRAE.


  3. DI3SIRAE was a japanese Metal Band.
    In the beginning of May 2008 the Band changed its name from Velvet Nightmare to DI3SIRAE. They disbanded on…

  4. Black:List was a Japanese metal band, which disbanded on January 8th 2009.

    Vo: 狂太郎-KYOTARO- (Volark → √eight → Black:List → the new…

  5. ReivieЯ was a rock/metal band, formed in 2007 and disbanded after their last oneman 『a dedicate to all of you.』in August 2011.

    Vocal: Jey…

  6. √eight/THE EIGHT was an alternative punk band from Sapporo, Japan. They held their last live on january 17th, 2010.

    √eight was formed by guitarist…

  7. meth. was an alternative rock/metal band from Nagoya, Japan that formed in 2006. They disbanded after their final one-man show at Nagoya Music…

  8. There are 2 artists/groups called R-15.

    1. R-15 is a TV animation.

    Right tag for this band is R-15♡, R-15♥.

    2. R-15 is a visual lock band.

    Right tag…

  9. THE RUDIE SATAN PARK was a visual kei band from Japan from 2006 to 2007.

    Vocal: 空耶 (Kuya)
    → トリップ → THE RUDIE SATAN PARK → Lithium…

  10. A Tokyo-based visual kei band. They formed on January 4th 2007. They split in 2009.

    Vocals jouei (ex-YELLOW KING STAR / Chrono Sphere /…

  11. VELGREED was a Japanese rock band from Osaka, Japan, formed in 2008 and disbanded in 2010.

    Vocal: 鳴 (Naru; ex-Lovin',ex-VULGAR, now in…

  12. Vocal : 久音 (kuon)
    Guitar: 刻 (kizami), now in Lamina
    Bass : #73 (masa), now in Lamina as 雅(Masa)
    Drums : 殺助 (korosuke)

    ex-Guitar : 摩耶 (→℃)…

  13. ヴェルテクス-Vertex- is a jrock/metal band formed in May 2008.
    They had their first live show on 18th,October 2008 at 徳島CROWBAR.

    Line up:

  14. Like absolute myself is a fairly new band which started their activities in 2006. Their first concert was in HOLIDAY SHINJUKU on July 21st.


  15. Ba. 雪人 (Yukito)
    Vo. 業 (Gyou)
    Gu. shou
    Gu. 庵 (Iori)

    Support dr. 沙彌 (Sami)

  16. An independent Japanese metal band formed in 2004. They disbanded in 2006.

    CoЯe The Child was formed in June of 2004 by Yuuki, Ryou, Shunsuke…

  17. May also be tagged as julius.

    Vo: 哲 - Tetsu (→ Para:noir as 茜)
    Gu: ZEN (→ Dunkelheit)
    Gu: 淳 - Atsushi (→ Jewel)
    Ba: 真純 - Masumi (→…

  18. BERLIN was a visual kei band from Osaka, Japan that was formed in August 2005 by Kaguya, Mei, Shizuku and Yumeji. The drummer Tomoki joined later.…

  19. Schmelz Cure was a Japanese Rock band from Sendai, Japan.

    They were formed in early 2005 with 3 members, Hibari, REy and Rin. Kanade…


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