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  1. Since1889 were a metal band from Niigata, Japan that was formed in 2004 and disbanded in 2009.

    Last Lineup
    Vocal: 菅原広太(Sugahara Kouta) (かるあ(as…

  2. VELVETNIGHTMARE is an japanese Rock/ Metal band.
    In the beginning of May 2008 the band changed its name from VELVETNIGHTMARE to DI3SIRAE.


  3. Black:List was a Japanese metal band, which disbanded on January 8th 2009.

    Vo: 狂太郎-KYOTARO- (Volark → √eight → Black:List → the new…

  4. DI3SIRAE was a japanese Metal Band.
    In the beginning of May 2008 the Band changed its name from Velvet Nightmare to DI3SIRAE. They disbanded on…

  5. ReivieЯ was a rock/metal band, formed in 2007 and disbanded after their last oneman 『a dedicate to all of you.』in August 2011.

    Vocal: Jey…

  6. √eight/THE EIGHT was an alternative punk band from Sapporo, Japan. They held their last live on january 17th, 2010.

    √eight was formed by guitarist…

  7. There are 2 artists/groups called R-15.

    1. R-15 is a TV animation.

    Right tag for this band is R-15♡, R-15♥.

    2. R-15 is a visual lock band.

    Right tag…

  8. THE RUDIE SATAN PARK was a visual kei band from Japan from 2006 to 2007.

    Vocal: 空耶 (Kuya)
    → トリップ → THE RUDIE SATAN PARK → Lithium…

  9. A Tokyo-based visual kei band. They formed on January 4th 2007. They split in 2009.

    Vocals jouei (ex-YELLOW KING STAR / Chrono Sphere /…

  10. VELGREED was a Japanese rock band from Osaka, Japan, formed in 2008 and disbanded in 2010.

    Vocal: 鳴 (Naru; ex-Lovin',ex-VULGAR, now in…

  11. Like absolute myself is a fairly new band which started their activities in 2006. Their first concert was in HOLIDAY SHINJUKU on July 21st.


  12. Vocal : 久音 (kuon)
    Guitar: 刻 (kizami), now in Lamina
    Bass : #73 (masa), now in Lamina as 雅(Masa)
    Drums : 殺助 (korosuke)

    ex-Guitar : 摩耶 (→℃)…

  13. ヴェルテクス-Vertex- is a jrock/metal band formed in May 2008.
    They had their first live show on 18th,October 2008 at 徳島CROWBAR.

    Line up:

  14. An independent Japanese metal band formed in 2004. They disbanded in 2006.

    CoЯe The Child was formed in June of 2004 by Yuuki, Ryou, Shunsuke…

  15. Ba. 雪人 (Yukito)
    Vo. 業 (Gyou)
    Gu. shou
    Gu. 庵 (Iori)

    Support dr. 沙彌 (Sami)

  16. BERLIN was a visual kei band from Osaka, Japan that was formed in August 2005 by Kaguya, Mei, Shizuku and Yumeji. The drummer Tomoki joined later.…

  17. Schmelz Cure was a Japanese Rock band from Sendai, Japan.

    They were formed in early 2005 with 3 members, Hibari, REy and Rin. Kanade…

  18. May also be tagged as julius.

    Vo: 哲 - Tetsu (→ Para:noir as 茜)
    Gu: ZEN (→ Dunkelheit)
    Gu: 淳 - Atsushi (→ Jewel)
    Ba: 真純 - Masumi (→…

  19. ℃ was a Japanese metal/rock band.

    Vocals: イブキ (Ibuki) (ヴァレンタイン → ハーヴィ → ℃ → Lamina)
    Guitar: まや (Maya) (ロア! → gemmik → ハーヴィ → ℃)


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