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針槐-ハリエンジュ- (Halienju) is a visual kei band that formed in 2007.

Members: Vo. 吐 (Habaki) Gt. 楽 (Gaku) (ex. Sics(as gaku), (as 楽), 異ロリ, ハイロック, Blanc⊃Nero(support), Lucy (as gaku) ) Ba. Ryu-ka(ex. Blanc⊃Nero(as †龍華†), Lucy (as Ryu-ka), Ageha (as ジュカ) ) Dr. ヒロ (Hiro) ( ex. 針槐-ハリエンジュ- as support)

Ex. members: Vo. チヒロ (Chihiro) (ジラーチ, желать, 繚華 with Wicked Children (as support Key 千尋), リスミー, 虹彩真珠, 針槐-ハリエンジュ-, retired) Gt. 奨 (Susumu) (ex. Sigre, 針槐-ハリエンジュ-) Gt. Masami… read more

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  • Suprisingly good VK, shit is rare nowadays.
  • @Shirashisuka I was a little bit confused about that myself. During their performance at Tokyo Visual Scandal they were referred to as both.
  • Anyone know a site where I can buy their material that ships internationally?
  • but why do you tag them this way? on their homepage and on their booklets they it's "halienju".
  • They are gold (●´ω`●) [2]
  • 「影牢」 is awesome. [2]
  • Found their music only some days ago, but I must say, they're quite good. Kagerou is the best so far.
  • 「影牢」 is awesome.
  • They are gold (●´ω`●)

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