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  1. Alias of Mayumi Morinaga. Vocalist of a young doujin circle 幽閉サテライト that arranges and remixes Touhou music.

  2. There are several artists named Drop:

    1. Drop: Russ Stevens (vocals); Patrick Davey, Jimmy Haboush (guitar); Andy Smith (bass guitar); Jamie…

  3. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  4. Chata (茶太, born November 21 in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan) is a vocalist, lyricist, and illustrator. She began her musical career in 1998…

  5. 07th Expansion is a Japanese dōjin circle that specializes in the creation of visual novels known as sound novels. They started out drawing for…

  6. There are at least 2 artists by this name:

    1) Rita is a Japanese voice actress, singer, and lyricist from Osaka, also using the 理多 name when…

  7. Murasaki Hotaru

    Circle: EastNewSound

  8. Chata (茶太, Chata? born November 21) is a Japanese singer who has performed theme songs for games and anime. She has also participated in…

  9. According to the website ALiCE'S EMOTiON is a doujin music circle formed by REDALiCE and 野宮あゆみ (Nomiya Ayumi)and more.


    Happy Drive!…

  10. Shihori is a Japanese female vocalist, lyricist and, most recently, arranger.
    She's a member of the doujin music circle A-One and was formerly part…

  11. doujin circle.

    サイト名: MiddleIsland(ミドルアイランド)
    管理人: 中島岬 (ナカジマミサキ)
    所在: 東京都西東京市
    誕生: 1983.06.07


  12. Chiba, Japan (2000 – present)

    Ceui (born January 31) is a female Japanese singer–songwriter originally from Chiba, Japan, though she grew up in…

  13. Two artists are known in Japan.

    name: yuiko
    Birthday: May 18
    She belongs to doujin circle “Primary”.
    “ゆいこ” is used until 2008, and “yuiko” has…

  14. paraoka is a Japanese dance/trance mix artist who collaborated with several doujin music circles such as Diverse System.
    His works are also often…

  15. 椿 is the name for several artists:

    1. Tsubaki (椿) is a japanese singer. She has released albums 彼方へ… (indies HARCD-3004), CAMELLIA (To.-EMI…

  16. Arranger.

    Circle: なないろらむね+(Seventh Color +)


  17. name: Mitsuki Nakae
    circle: ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY, フィーレ, Re:sonare

  18. Name: Hanasaki Anna

    Circle: EastNewSound

  19. There are at least two artists with the name IOSYS:

    1) IOSYS ( also known as イオシス ioshisu) releases doujin music discs for the Touhou games made…


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