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Similar Artists

  1. Seriyu

    Website: http://seriyuseriyu.jugem.jp/?pid=1

  2. Chomaiyo (ちょまいよ), formerly known as Dakishimeta Tonight (抱きしめたトゥナイト), is an utaite and former gamer with a soft, relaxed, and somewhat lazy…

  3. Name: Rushuka

    Circle: ふぉれすとぴれお


  4. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  5. Name: Tsukiba

    Circle: ふぉれすとぴれお


  6. Name: Chano


  7. Meiko Haigō (拝郷メイコ Haigō Meiko) is professional singer in Japan, and is the provider of the Vocaloid Meiko, one of the first two Japanese…

  8. Born in China, Shenzhen. Encountered Japanese Doujin music in middle school years and got hooked, Later became international student since high…

  9. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  10. Rikiishi Yoshino

    Website: https://twitter.com/ysnysnc

  11. 向日葵(Himawari) is a singer on Nico Nico Douga known for her soft voice.


  12. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  13. name: bassy
    circle: Barbarian On The Groove
    www: http://www.astronotes.jp/bog/

  14. Vocalist

    Circle: Crest

    Website: http://crest-music.net

  15. Youka (陽花) is a Japanese vocalist, member of Hatsunetsumiko's (発熱巫女~ず) doujin circle.


  16. nayuta (1): female Japanese artist known for her works at Nico Nico Douga, also known as Hazuki Nano(葉月なの), なゆた@nano.h, and currently Nanakusa…

  17. Name: Renka

    Circle: 舞風 (Maikaze)


  18. name: Yuki Mizusawa

  19. There are 4 artists named Cordelia:

    1) Cordelia is a doujin circle in Japan whom Hana-tan (花たん) is part of. Their music cover many genre, from…


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