• 中島みゆき(Nakajima Miyuki) songs

    17 Oct 2008, 11:26 by Origa-Chan

  • Chinese Music

    1 Feb 2007, 22:24 by mamafanfan

    Music, perhaps more so than food, is one of the most distinctive characteristics of cultures. Chinese music is certainly one-of-a-kind - it wouldn’t be mistaken for anything else when you hear it. One of the reasons for its uniqueness is the fact that Chinese music is structured using a five-tone scale instead of the eight-tone scale commonly used in Western music.

    Wikipedia has a good introductory article about Chinese music if you wish to find out a bit more about it.

    I am not a fan of Chinese music myself – it represents no more than 2% of my 90+GB iTune collection. I listen to some traditional Chinese opera music which, similar to its western counterpart, has a dedicated but relatively small fanbase. Beijing opera is generally regarded as one of the treasures of Chinese culture.

    Facial painting is an important characteristic of Beijing opera. It is applied to ‘jing’ roles (warriors, heroes, statesmen, or even demons) only and reflects the character's age, profession and personality by using different colors. …