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  1. Also known as cittan and Morning Sprite. Fumihisa Tanaka, a producer, arranger, remixer and DJ from Osaka. Mainly produces uplifting trance.

  2. ほたる (Hotaru) was the prime vocalist of the circle Halozy until she announced on her blog in February 2012 that she is resigning from Halozy but…

  3. name: Ciel
    circle: Capriccioso Cantabile
    www: http://cielbleu.qee.jp/

  4. 遊女 (Yuna) is a Japanese singer-songwriter.

    circle: Yamiagari

    Debut: 2005


  5. name: Meiko Nakamura a.k.a. MAYBE and STELA
    circle: LC:AZE, Gift
    www: http://seirei.ath.cx/~maybe, http://adtype.main.jp

  6. Aki Misawa (三澤秋, Misawa Aki) is a Japanese female vocalist and lyricist who collaborated with many doujin music circles, such as Alstroemeria Records…

  7. 1. irony is an utaite on NND.


    2. A heavy metal band from Germany
    3. A black metal / doom metal band from the U.S.…

  8. Nazo Kei (Nazo no jinbutsu Kei)

    Circle: White Elephant


  9. Katakiri Rekka is a Japanese female lyricist, composer and vocalist. She also has a record of acting voice roles in doujin (Japanese indies)…

  10. Michiru Kaori (佳織みちる, Kaori Michiru, born on October 23 in Saitama, Japan), also written as カオリミチル on a few releases, is a Japanese actress and…

  11. name: MERAMI-POP
    circle: こすもぽりたん / COSMOPOLITAN
    site: http://cosmopolitan.pikka.jp/
    twitter: https://twitter.com/melime93

  12. Marie erroneously redirects here. Please vote for "Marie, as correct spelling" on http://www.last.fm/music/+noredirect/Marie

    Marie (真理絵, born March…

  13. Vocalist, member of the electro-pop band macaroom. Born in 1987.


  14. Chata (茶太, born November 21 in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan) is a vocalist, lyricist, and illustrator. She began her musical career in 1998…

  15. name: Tamari

    circle: Ontama

    www: http://mizutamari.real-sound.net

  16. Name: Masaki Erika


    Website: https://twitter.com/masakierica

  17. Misato (美里), also known as Misty, is a Japanese female vocalist and a former member of the defunct doujin music circle U−Key☆ミ.
    She often…

  18. There is more than one artist under this name:

    1. miko is the main alias of 藤咲かりん (Karin Fujisaki), a Japanese female vocalist and sole member of…

  19. Name: Ahiru



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