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Chiaki Ishikawa (石川智晶, previously 石川知亜紀 before 2005, born March 29, 1969) is a Japanese singer/songwriter. Her music career began as the vocalist of See-Saw with keyboardist/composer Yuki Kajiura (梶浦由記). Following See-Saw's indefinite hiatus in 2005, she became a solo artist.

As a solo artist, she has performed numerous theme songs for anime including 美しければそれでいい (Utsukushikereba sore de ii), the opening theme of Simoun, and アンインストール (Uninstall), the opening to Bokurano. In addition to these, she has also released five full solo albums and a number of short albums/EPs. Her latest, 私のココロはそう言ってない (Watashi no kokoro ha sou itte nai, "That's Not What My Heart Is Telling Me"), was released in October 2014. She has announced live performances for early 2015.

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