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  • tadaima is her best. come on!
  • She seems like such a positive and happy person. I just love her music and I love her. ┗(^0^)┓
  • does anyone have a lot of her albums and want to describe them to me in detail over PMs?
  • again having to sort through the three or four albums of hers i have as i sort the files on a new computer...and /damn/
  • muito bom descobrir cantoras boas assim
  • どんなときも どんなときも どんなときも !
  • Just discovered her music. I'm genuinely amazed by Rose Garden, i really wanted more songs like that in the Tadaima album, it's like The Residents with Kate Bush as a lead singer.
  • 'Tadaima' and 'Ai Ga Nakucha Ne' fantastic
  • I fall in love ♥_♥.....again
  • 私にとってのやのあっこさんは「癒しのBGM、第二の母」の存在です+大好きすぎて辛いです
  • Her tracks with Jansen and Karn backing are all great. Ai ga nakucha ne is a great album!
  • Her music is brilliant! Why did I wait so long to check her out? D:
  • <3
  • tzOd speaketh the truth.
  • 糸井重里氏が矢野のアルバムの帯に提供したコピーです。私の中でのジャンルは
  • I don't think she's like Mitchell, Bush, or anybody else. I think she's been cursed with the decision to use Sakamoto's members as a backing band one-too-many times and is more overshadowed by that than by English-language comparisons. Regardless, her work is very good, very consistent, and gohan ga dekitayo is a favorite album of mine.
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  • I hate playing the "they're just like a Japanese version of _______!" game with artists, but I'd say Yano shares much more stylistic territory with Joni Mitchell and especially Rickie Lee Jones than Kate Bush.
  • Hmmm...maybe here WATER WAYS will flow FOREward and scrob!
  • I love her.
  • 今日はコアラを抱きしめている !
  • Aaronomy: BUY IT
  • She's rather good. I love her voice.
  • Where can I download?
  • かけっ放しで気持ちよい、じっくり聴くとすごい。確か、糸井重里氏が矢野のアルバムの帯に提供したコピーです。私のiTunesの中でのジャンルは、「かきじす」或いは「Yano Akiko」です。他に区分の仕様が無い。
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto's Wife!
  • S8S
    Stylistically, yes.. Someone overheard me listening to Wuthering Heights and recommended me Yano Akiko, calling her "the Japanese Kate Bush". I don't know to what extent, but I can kind of see what she meant.. though it's different, since Kate Bush was only really big on the piano songs for her two or three first albums.. while with Akiko that seems to have been her base for a long period of time. Kate is really versatile with her use of instruments. But then, I've only heard two of Akiko's albums: Japanese Girl and Super Folk Song, so I can't really judge her.
  • It kinda has the opposite effect on me. Though in my dotage I do realize how similar her and Kate Bush are stylistically.
  • her voice kinda pisses me off :/
  • Gohan ga dekitayo!
  • The two Akiko Yano's need to be merged...
  • aye! 夏の終り is great but we want more:-q
  • Streamable tracks, please!

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