• this is pretty much why i hate my life...

    1 Mar 2007, 09:05 by candoh

    i try so very hard to stay far far away from anything that talks about SXSW. why do i do this? cause i know i will be very hurt by all the people i can not see.

    such as it is... Kiiiiiii will be there and then embark on a small US tour that will not come even remotely close to here - but of course.

    and yes this is just the tip of the SXSW iceberg. Luminous Orange, Boris, Gitogito Hustler, GO!GO!7188, Green Milk From The Planet Orange, Hiromi, 百景, Metalchicks, mothercoat, Muddy World, ねこ虫, OWKMJ, Pistol Valve, 水晶の舟... they will all be missed along side a billion bands that are not from japan

    it all makes me wildly emo. every year it does.
  • rambles

    13 Nov 2006, 01:11 by cogsturning

    meh i havent been posting hardly at all but im bored and unbusy now so why not. so some stuff ive been listening to a lot or ust feel like talking about^^

    勝手にしやがれ - GOD LORD I LOVE THEM. completely by accident ive stumbed upon one of my new fav artists. i love the singers voice, and i think theyre the only band i like that im aware of having a vocalist who is also the drummer. theres a live clip on their site of him playing and singing and it kinda pains me to watch it, it looks like hard work. its probably cause im just not used to seeing drummers sing, but it seems like drumming is exhausting enough without having to sing at the same time.
    it saddens me that i only have 2 of thier albums, but i dont seem to get sick of them. and i will eventually buy all of their albums, its just going to take me forver. these guys are what i want all jazz to be, to often jazz ends up terribly boring and generic. and i got a first press of black magic voodoo cafe which came with a random pin that ill never use cause i dont wanna loose it. …
  • Evening out in Tokyo...

    2 Sep 2006, 05:55 by djgizmoe

    Well, last night's musical adventure was a series of hard choices and slight disappointments, but tis the way of the world. First, the hardest choice: DJ Krush, NATSUMEN and Vincent Atmicus or Hyakkei (see 百景), The Drift and Mono. ARGH! After pulling my hair out, I decided that a) my classic-rock loving friend Michael would be accompanying me and we would have to leave earlyish (to crash at his place in Yokohama), b) I really wasn't in the mood for a hip-hop set and c) I'd already seen Vincent and Natsumen last year, to Mono we goed.
    Hyakkei were a humble little three-piece post-rock unit, sort of a like a stripped-down, slightly off-key Tortoise. They started off kinda shakily, but finished strong, and they seem to be one of those "bands to keep your eye on" that critics are always talking about. The Drift (from San Fran?) were technically much better, very mellow post-rock with mega-effects and led by some very decent trumpet-work. …