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Active 1979 - Present

Tahara Toshihiko (田原俊彦 1961 February 28 ) is a Japanese singer and actor from Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokosuka City. He and his family moved to Yamanashi Prefecture , Kofu City and grew up there until high school. Attended Kouhu Yamanashi Prefectural Technical High School (Department of Civil Engineering) graduating in October 1993, He is married to model Mukaida Ayako. Height: 175cm, weight 59kg.

While at Johnny's his nickname was Toshi-Chan. He became independent of Johnny's in 1993 and he is currently with For your Entertainment.

Agency History:
Johnny private office → "DOUBLE" T "PROJECT" → Hilo → JVC → Publishers → Hit Vibe Entertainment Inc. 株式会社フォーミュラエンタテインメント.

Other groups he's been a part of:
ギャングス (Gyangusu)
ピラミッド (Pyramid)
サンデーズ (Sundays)

He has also been acting in Drama's and movies since 1981, now he is present on a lot of variety, cm's and music shows.

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