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  • Avatar for Mickey_Turmoil
    Is there anything he can't do?
  • Avatar for cookedbacon
    @ndeselms who the fuck you callin kenji? [2]
  • Avatar for crapcreep
    @ndeselms who the fuck you callin kenji?
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    灰野敬二 dunno who this but he sounds like Keiji Haino
  • Avatar for LeoReis92
    liking this guy may be the official signature to "social pariahlism'
  • Avatar for ndeselms
    Kenji is the realest player in the hip hop game right now, better recongize fuckbois
  • Avatar for BallerCraig
  • Avatar for catsinspace
    listen to real hip hop you fucking dweebs
  • Avatar for proust2
  • Avatar for bakatsundere
    чет в голосишку с ферст блакнес
  • Avatar for BonkiBits
    his screaming!
  • Avatar for ireneorunes
    still my only friend (2)
  • Avatar for BarbraSexaroid
  • Avatar for Zeloftt
    This is really a warm place
  • Avatar for wingsoftoast
    I love the acoustic 'Black Blues'. Sometimes I think he's a bit 'emperor's new clothes' - all style and little substance, but then you listen to something like this and it's so poised, so perfect. Even the silences on the album drip with commitment - it's devastating.
  • Avatar for FakePlasticDick
    Fuck everything
  • Avatar for khz_
    Seen live with zeitkratzer - all I can say is that his live vocal performance is devastating. Like thousand times more intense experience than listening to any of Haino's vocal focused albums.
  • Avatar for I0000days
    still my only friend
  • Avatar for Cat_007
    nice avant
  • Avatar for Sokratia59
  • Avatar for salamanje
    i had actually worked as his translator when he came to istanbul. he is a wonderful person as well!
  • Avatar for Tricksta_P
    Experimental Mixture is a remarkable mind warp.
  • Avatar for LeCoinNawak
    a legend
  • Avatar for Iheartokiohotel
    we need a doujinshi of Haino as a kid and how he interacts with the world
  • Avatar for I0000days
    my only friend
  • Avatar for catsinspace
    marry me keiji-kun !
  • Avatar for Alec_Trevelyan
    i'm a gay otaku and that is somewhat sociable but is severely impeded by an intense self-loathing complex, and only owns and has only heard "Next, Let's Try Changing the Shape".
  • Avatar for mahleria
    What's not to like?
  • Avatar for deezethomas
    Im lovin it
  • Avatar for theory_of_mind
    beautiful human being
  • Avatar for djgizmoe
    Every few years I come back to a few of his albums to renew my intense dislike of this utterly self-involved individual.
  • Avatar for Iheartokiohotel
    i'm a zombie-like schizotypal outcast who tries to stimulate his half-dead brain by projecting harsh noise music at it 24/7
  • Avatar for catsinspace
    I'm a total geek-girl and a wee bit asocial. I love to stay home by herself and read tech books while watching steampunk movies.
  • Avatar for carefulneckbear
    im pretty avant so i fuckswit this guy
  • Avatar for travisdawson123
    original fushitsusha lineup Keiji Haino and Tamio Shiraishi performing in Brooklyn April 2013
  • Avatar for trashcity_
    Grocery shopping music
  • Avatar for GiaNXGX
    gotta hug keiji
  • Avatar for LynxDaftPunk
  • Avatar for KeepingTabs
    i wanna see that documentary
  • Avatar for Dulukk
    I heard he can play guitar with his hair
  • Avatar for painovoima
    Thanks for recommending Koko, may be the warmest thing in Haino's catalogue.
  • Avatar for bloodmaw
    god damn hippie music
  • Avatar for Monty__
    Koko is among the most beautiful things I've ever heard.
  • Avatar for Iheartokiohotel
    [url=]Fushitsusha live in a big church[/url]
  • Avatar for inreinn
    Please, check my project: Thank you!
  • Avatar for Iheartokiohotel
    [url=]I Said, This Power Is For The Son Of Nihilism[/url]
  • Avatar for bakhtnassar
  • Avatar for Lex1334
    I Said, This Is The Son Of Nihilism [2]
  • Avatar for chiloni
    I Said, This Is The Son Of Nihilism
  • Avatar for mahleria
    Always wears such nice boots.


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