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  • Gah, I remember loving Kizunairo YEARS ago. Lovely voice.<3
  • yar she's super pretty o.o
  • She's so cute! :D
  • love the pic!
  • her voice is tha cuteesttttt
  • Love her voice. *-*
  • Ahh, she's so awesome ~ xD
  • kizuna iro and shining! are good <3
  • be your girl and kizuna iro are my favorites! sooo good!
  • i love be your girl, over and shining! i love her xD
  • i heard she learns english and taking class.. there is a blog for it
  • i have her whole discovery o_0 but i want more :P..... what is she doing?
  • will she still sings? i love Little Wing and Candy Baby btw <3
  • hey
  • My favorite is also Kizunairo :3
  • *sigh* I miss her music. Hope she comes back~!
  • Kizunairo is her best song, IMO. Sakura Kiss is prolly the only song by her that I hate.>>
  • Only 2? Have you even listened to anymore of her songs? There's more to Chieco than Ouran, you know.
  • Happy Birthday!
  • i only like two of her kiss is definitely favorite...
  • i hope she'll release new song soonnn ^ ^
  • Her group pic is sooooo pretty! (*_*)
  • What is she up to?
  • I'm SO craving a new song. (>_<)
  • i love this pic <3
  • This an the 2 proposed pics look great. too bad I can't say the same about them all. XDDD
  • yes i think so PRETTY!!
  • Chieko Kawabe has the albums. :(
  • I wish she'd release more stuff like her earlier singles. I like cutesy, but not in the style of her two more recent singles. '絆色' is my fave!
  • brilliance is one of the best j-pop albums i've ever heard!!! It's very, verrrry well produced, and her Hilary Duff cover is also better than the original! xDDDDDD
  • I saw her in a pic with a guitar. Can she really play?
  • I agree ^_^ (oh hey, I'm the top fan! how come? lol)
  • i loved her in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon! She is sooo pretty!


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