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  1. Vocal: 蘭 Ran
    Guitar: NAO
    Guitar: KEN
    Bass: さくら Sakura
    Drums: れいるReil

  2. カザリ was a indies visual kei/oshare kei band from Tokyo, Japan. The band formed in 2006 and was active until 2007. They held their last live on…

  3. メロウ (Romaji; Mellow) was a Visual Kei indies band from the Kantou region of Japan. The band formed in 2005 and spent most of that year and early…

  4. ギロ (Giro) was an japanese rock band founded in 2006 and disbanded in 2007.

    Vocals: 大悟
    Guitar: 臣 (went to nil delete heads)
    Bass: とし (went to…

  5. Rosario was a japanese indies visual kei band, formed on 1st December 2006. Disbanded on 1st December 2008.

    Vocal: Rei (HenzeL(roadie) →…

  6. ハッチ (hucci) was a visual kei band from Tokyo, Japan that formed in 2003/08 and disbanded in 2009/08/21.

    Vo: 吟 ( ハッチ → theMouse )

    Gt: チョンボ斉藤


  7. Nigatsu Sanjuu Gonichi was a Japanese visual kei band which disbanded on july 12th 2007.

    vo. 奈音 -Naoto-
    → BUVLE BLEACH → (アニヲタク)…

  8. 焔 (Homura/ Flame) (not to be confused with 焔:homura) was a visual kei rock band from Japan founded in 2003 and disbanded in march 2010.…

  9. カルト started in mid 2005 and disbanded 2007.10.20.

    ○カルト Members○
    Vocalist : 一聖 (Now he is in BugLug)
    Guitar : 凛
    Guitar : 蘭凪
    Bassist : しん(After カルト…

  10. Band name: Lara

    Genre: Pop/Rock/Jazz

    Visuals: Oshare-Kei

    Short lived indies band. Lara formed in October 2005 and disbanded on December 9th,…

  11. 2009~ ヴィデオグラマァ

  12. Atmos*note

    band activity: 2001~2004.12.31
    genres: Visual Kei / Alternative / Shoegaze


    Vocal: 坂溝 杏-sakamizo anzu- (Atmos*note → トリコ蓄音文庫)…

  13. 「あゃ」-LAST STAGE at 2012- Members
    Vocal … kuroudo
    Guitar … 澤村 英樹(ex. 我楽 → 朱ィ。(仮) , after 「あゃ」 disband , he join BrainStein)
    Guitar … 慎太郎(after…

  14. ガネーシャ (ex.GANEISHA) was a rock band from Tokyo, Japan formed in 2000. They disbanded in 2007.

    Vocal : カナメ (Kaname) (ガネーシャ → CRIMSON →…

  15. Kewpie was a Japanese visual kei band who started their activities in 2005, but have disbanded in the year 2008.

    Vo. はる。(Haru.) (→ ロゼ)…

  16. Pizzcato. was a four-member Visual Kei band from Tokyo, Japan. The band formed in 2007, and held their first live on October 9th, at Shibuya…

  17. テディ (Teddy) was a Visual Kei band, that had the first live 2004/06/02 at 名古屋MUSIC FARM.
    The formation change twice, adding and withrawing…

  18. キス&ネイト (Kisnate) was a visual kei band from Tokyo, Japan formed in 2007 that had their first perfomance 2007/12/05 @ 高田馬場AREA and disband…

  19. Visual kei band that formed in the end of 2005. According to visunavi they are a mix of visual kei and hip hop (/rap).

    Vo&MC: 雅 (Miyabi)
    Vo&Gt: 章人…


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