• Top 10 Music Survey

    5 Dec 2006, 05:14 by robotokon

    My overall top ten:

    01. 周杰倫
    02. 惡作劇之吻
    03. 楊丞琳
    04. As One (NOT the British dude.. the Korean duo!)
    05. 南拳媽媽
    06. 光良
    07. Tank
    08. 關心妍
    09. 陶喆
    10. 薛凱琪

    What was the first song you ever heard by Artist #6?

    Like most people, I would have to say the first song of his would be 童話. I can't remember where I first heard about the MV, but after watching.. the song is stuck. It got me really interested in his music, and I've been a listener ever since.

    What is your favorite album of Artist #2?

    I don't think we have much of a choice here, since it's an OST, the one and only. :P

    What is your favorite lyric that Artist #5 has sung?



    From real experience. :)

    What is your favorite song by Artist #7?

    Oh man.. this is a hard one. I recently fell in love with 專屬天使 because of 花樣少年少女, but Jessica will always be a favorite of mine.