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  1. Cryu is a Japanese female vocalist and member of the doujin music circle EastNewSound.
    She has her own official website, * L s D b *.

  2. Murasaki Hotaru

    Circle: EastNewSound


  3. Vivienne (びびあん) is an utaite who has been uploading covers since mid-2008. She has a thin, stringy and bouncy voice which can hit high notes very…

  4. ほたる (Hotaru) was the prime vocalist of the circle Halozy until she announced on her blog in February 2012 that she is resigning from Halozy but…

  5. Ritsuka (リツカ) is a Japanese female vocalist who plays an active part in 歌ってみた (Utattemita) on ニコニコ動画 (NicoNico Douga), mainly doing covers of…

  6. namae: crouka
    circle: EastNewSound
    www: http://e-ns.net/

  7. namae: Kokuchou
    circle: EastNewSound
    www: http://e-ns.net/

  8. Kirin

    Doujin arranger.

    Circle: EastNewSound

    Website: http://e-ns.net/

  9. Name: Tsukiyama Sae
    Circle: Amateras Records

  10. According to the website ALiCE'S EMOTiON is a doujin music circle formed by REDALiCE and 野宮あゆみ (Nomiya Ayumi)and more.


    Happy Drive!…

  11. Shihori is a Japanese female vocalist, lyricist and, most recently, arranger.
    She's a member of the doujin music circle A-One and was formerly part…

  12. Sumijun - main arranger of the doujin circle "Halozy".
    Official website is located here http://www.halozy.com/index.html.

  13. nayuta (1): female Japanese artist known for her works at Nico Nico Douga, also known as Hazuki Nano(葉月なの), なゆた@nano.h, and currently Nanakusa…

  14. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  15. There is more than one artist under this name:

    1. miko is the main alias of 藤咲かりん (Karin Fujisaki), a Japanese female vocalist and sole member of…

  16. Name: Nachi Sakaue
    Circle: twinkle*twinkle

    Also known as nachi

  17. Name: Hanasaki Anna

    Circle: EastNewSound


  18. Name: Kurosaki Sakuya

    Circle: T.Piacere

    Website: https://twitter.com/tundevi

  19. name: Nano Shidzuki a.k.a. nano.czkey or nanocchi
    circle: Shidzukian
    www. http://czkey.jp/


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