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  • patriotsaint_

    Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec

    last month
  • RockstarTSU

    FF8 - The best game ever. [14]

    last month
  • lucaslups

    Valete liberi Diebus fatalibus.

    September 2014
  • L2D2E2

    That intro was just perfect, want to play FF8 again

    May 2014
  • xXJokerBPXx

    Best intro to any game ever.

    July 2012
  • patlabor187unit

    Prepare for battle!!!

    July 2012
  • Phoenixmatthias

    I would play FF8 just because of this song. no, i've never played it before either.

    June 2012
  • Standingonair66

    FF8 - The best game ever. [13]

    February 2012
  • JadeGibs

    Holy smokes! Love this

    January 2012
  • Karibouh


    January 2012
  • jzieja

    I heard this performed live once and I almost crapped my pants.

    January 2012
  • Richnfg

    Maybe the greatest.

    December 2011
  • lightwarrior179

    If anything defined epic more than anything else, this was it.

    November 2011
  • Baryooma

    FF8 - The best game ever. [12]

    November 2011
  • Ossadagowah

    Brak mi słów, cóż za zajebista muzyka

    October 2011
  • DawnyMarieS

    FF8 - The best game ever. [11]

    October 2011
  • rainy-dog


    October 2011
  • disdjented


    September 2011
  • SilverBarron

    You rarely hear songs this bombastic and good in movies!

    September 2011
  • geamado

    FF8 - The best game ever. [10]

    September 2011
  • villase

    FF8 - The best game ever. [9]

    August 2011
  • Mateius

    So intense!

    July 2011
  • AmeHana

    This song gives me chills, especially 1:50 and onwards ♥ ♥

    July 2011
  • KiingNothing


    July 2011
  • Gauffre

    FF8 - The best game ever. [8]

    June 2011
  • SilverBarron

    Ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaaah!

    March 2011
  • begbeg42

    makes yours hairs stand up.

    February 2011
  • krikra

    FF8 - The best game ever. [7]

    February 2011
  • postgrungy

    FF8 - The best game ever. [6]

    November 2010
  • lakku-

    Also, do not listen to this with your headphones on with full volume and on repeat. You will have a heartattack because it will make your heart race like hell, lol.

    November 2010
  • lakku-

    Man, I completely agree with you. I have never seen a movie that would have such a powerful song as this. It's completely insane.

    November 2010
  • darkstyle87

    unbelievable that this song is part of a game-soundtrack! don't get me wrong. i love game-soundtracks and I'm glad to see that the big hollywood-composers like jablonksy, zimmer, elfman meanwhile pay attention to this genre. But this one is just over the top. Can't remember a movie score which is that damn good!

    August 2010
  • lakku-

    Epic song is epic.

    July 2010
  • rinistiltskin

    I love this game, I love this soundtrack, aaah it's like I'm back in ninth grade again~ :')

    July 2010
  • CosmonautiK

    I just had my spine electrified by hearing this song again after seven years. It really is pure power [2].

    February 2010
  • Aristoteles86

    FF8 - The best game ever. [5]

    January 2010
  • robbaq

    The intro to FFVIII blew my mind back when I was 9 years old. Oh, memories.

    January 2010


    January 2010
  • Ennish

    This is one of the most epic songs ever written. I had this song blasting out of my TV at almost maximum volume when I got to the opening sequence of the game.

    January 2010
  • stevan86

    I love this song... specially because it reminds me of Carl Orff's - O' Fortuna

    December 2009
  • Stonekeep666

    "Fithos lusec wecos vinosec" isn't latin . Rest of lyrics, yes. Oh, and whole song is pure awesomeness, my favourite from Uematsu!

    December 2009
  • TDanT

    FF8 - The best game ever. [4]

    December 2009
  • zinyadu

    FF8 - The best game ever. [3]

    December 2009
  • sushixkiller

    This song still sends shivers down my spine when I hear it. That's something only Nobuo can do.

    December 2009
  • Ikbenmark10

    what a master piece [2]

    December 2009
  • megadethnatic

    Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec...

    November 2009
  • Ristaccia

    FF8 - The best game ever. [2]

    October 2009

    Genial pieza, magnífica composición, soberbia ejecución, brillante e innovadora estructura. Sin precedentes para un videojuego. Mi BSO de cualquier FF favorita!!!

    October 2009
  • Lord_Bumblebee

    pure power

    August 2009
  • misteranybody

    FF8 - The best game ever.

    July 2009