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  • Avatar for RockstarTSU
    FFVIII & FFX ending themes are pure gold♥ [2]
  • Avatar for ricz_dm
    FFVI ending theme here. Just awesome, so emotional!
  • Avatar for drdolce
    FFVIII & FFX ending themes are pure gold♥
  • Avatar for alorian
    I lucked out, it's the FFVI ending theme this time!
  • Avatar for saruman_w
    This is the Final Fantasy 3/6 ending theme not 8.
  • Avatar for Cassandra-Leo
    The best ending would have to go to either FFV, FFVI, or FFIX, by the way.
  • Avatar for Cassandra-Leo
    That's because all the songs were given the same English name and doesn't separate track pages by album if they have the same title, even if they refer to completely different songs. The correct translation of the FFVI track title is actually "Reviving Green" but it was usually translated as either "Balance Is Restored" or "Ending Theme". The FFVIII and FFX tracks don't even have Japanese titles so there's basically no way to distinguish them.
  • Avatar for ville333
    And now it's the ending theme for keeps changing
  • Avatar for ville333
    This is the ending theme for Final Fantasy VI not VIII..........whoever named this is a fucking retard
  • Avatar for alorian
    My apologies, the song is, as you said, jacked up
  • Avatar for Burritosama
    And either all these other people are confused, or its playing FFX's end theme for some people.
  • Avatar for Burritosama
    This song must be mega jacked up, cause when it plays for me there is NO lyrics or singing at all and its definitely the FFVI ending theme. Not sure what's up with that. But its not Eyes on Me, not when it plays on my radio anyways. I've got the FF8 soundtrack, its my fav FF, so I'd recognize it. GInsengLag seems to be having the same issue.
  • Avatar for Burritosama
    Yea im not sure why everyone is saying FFX?? this sounds nothing like FFX's end at all. And its not FFVIII's end either. This is from FFVI. Not sure how anyone could confuse this for VIII or X. Especially X.
  • Avatar for Kougeru
    FF8 Ending Theme - last 3 minutes are best
  • Avatar for KP-X
    I'm here for all Ending Themes!
  • Avatar for KryonBune
    FFX ending theme! <3 [9] The end with this song is to cry very much
  • Avatar for 1_Guy
    Reminds me of the type of thing you might find in a Disney film.
  • Avatar for GinsengLag
    All the comments I see are either about FFX or FFVIII....but what I'm hearing is distinctly FFVI. What's up with this track?
  • Avatar for Excrono
    Of all the Final Fantasy ending themes, I feel 8's the most. There is something about that bridge from Eyes on Me into the Final Fantasy theme that makes me cry almost every time I listen to it.
  • Avatar for Craven1138
    True - FF8 ending, last 3 minutes are pure epic :) but whole Ending Theme Part 2 is made of awesome.
  • Avatar for Casadiva
    FFX ending theme! <3 [7]
  • Avatar for krikra
    FF8 Ending Theme - last 3 minutes are best
  • Avatar for x0Rimachi0x0
    both ending themes <3
  • Avatar for Gauffre
    Aaaahhh. FFVIII ending theme. I always say I'm sick of Eyes on Me and then I hear this and I have to hold back the urge to get all teary. Damnit, Nobuo! [2]
  • Avatar for rizura
    Aaaahhh. FFVIII ending theme. I always say I'm sick of Eyes on Me and then I hear this and I have to hold back the urge to get all teary. Damnit, Nobuo!
  • Avatar for KiingNothing
    FFVIII ending theme is like a mixture of a lot of songs that fit EPICLY with each other, Love it.
  • Avatar for atomicmonkey93
    every time i listen to this, the ending of ffx runs through my head o_o
  • Avatar for Brento1499
  • Avatar for yulisukamakan
    FFX ending theme! <3 [5] ;___;
  • Avatar for momousagi
    FFX ending theme! <3 [4] Brings me to tears all the time.
  • Avatar for xtinasboy
    FFX ending theme! <3 [3]
  • Avatar for lakku-
    VII - X ending themes. <3
  • Avatar for clytie_hizashi
    VIII's ending theme is pure <3. But then so is VI's (the interweaving of Locke's and Celes' themes makes me all squishy just thinking about it). X's would have been great, but for the fact that it lacked the Final Fantasy theme. So, for me, VIII, VI, then... the rest.
  • Avatar for Republicanito
    There is no words to describe it. It's just... pure awesomeness.
  • Avatar for thejackyl
    please no j-pop please no j-pop...dammit!
  • Avatar for fucker007
    FFX ending theme! <3 [2]
  • Avatar for kensai_D
    FFVIII <3
  • Avatar for Richnfg
    FFX ending theme! <3
  • Avatar for SOME-GIRLS
  • Avatar for shaikhulud
    FFVIII ending theme <3
  • Avatar for fsk-_-
    FFX :'( perfect but so sad.
  • Avatar for shef_dave
    The FFVIII one is just . . . brilliant. I'm feeling so nostalgic right now!
  • Avatar for thejackyl
    The intro section reminds me of Schoenberg
  • Avatar for OneWhiteDuck
    FFVI ending theme <3
  • Avatar for tracinggravity
    FFX and FFVIII <3
  • Avatar for Sprouting
    perfect.... such an emotional piece...
  • Avatar for Rozzen
    every second, gorgeous. perfect.
  • Avatar for millward7799
    Beautiful music, excellent ending piece.
  • Avatar for Xe4ro
  • Avatar for manadragon
    Both if you ask me, but X's was much more emotional. <3


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