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  • AGRESSOR_rus

    I really adore the music, but sometimes vocals feel forced and out-of-place...that happens rarely though.

    July 2014
  • Ferdokki

    Her music is in "The Wind Rises"? Woooow!!! \\(*o*)/

    May 2014
  • tguh

    The Wind Rises :')

    March 2014
  • jakobdorof

    anyone have any links? ;-*

    January 2014
  • Sapphism

    please vote http://www.last.fm/music/%E6%9D%BE%E4%BB%BB%E8%B0%B7%E7%94%B1%E5%AE%9F/+images/91384035

    July 2013
  • masa214s


    May 2013
  • ki-duk

    I adore her. I reallyyyyyyyyyyy do

    April 2013
  • Ranunculus

    Her songs are just the kind of pop music I've searching for years.

    November 2012
  • ACCELA1227


    July 2012
  • Maebara_san

    I really LOVE her!!! Her voice, her songs is incredible!! =)

    January 2012
  • MuffinCoffin

    I can't really get into her later albums either because of the production. It just all sounds kind of dull and nothing that special if compared to her early works. I'm also a bit surprised how extravagant her live shows are since I never pictured her as this kind of show diva which is the image I get from these performances. Oh well, at least the audience is entertained. :D

    December 2011
  • djgizmoe

    I have always loved her voice and many of her melodies, but she is way too overproduced for my tastes. I really think she should have taken a page from the Akiko Yano playbook and stuck to classier, simpler arrangements.

    November 2011
  • shohjotai-phoon

    Road Show,そしてもう一度夢見るだろう,VIVA!6×7が最近の名盤。

    October 2011
  • doramielectric

    Cobalt Hour has such an amazing bass line and the solo part added to that makes it even more awesome. <3 [2]

    July 2011
  • MuffinCoffin

    Cobalt Hour has such an amazing bass line and the solo part added to that makes it even more awesome. <3

    May 2011
  • MuffinCoffin

    the opening to 魔法の鏡 reminds me of old 8-bit NES games. Love it! XD

    April 2011
  • deadgrandma

    New album is great

    April 2011
  • HaneumaRider

    why is she so awesome?

    April 2011
  • Furashubakku

    This lady is so solid.

    February 2011
  • Ugreb

    почти миллион прослушиваний а описания нет)лол

    January 2011
  • chbrshk01


    December 2010
  • Ahi_max


    November 2010
  • relmy

    Any reccomendations for where to start listening to her? I only know Haru you, koi (and it's my most played track lol) - based on how much I love that, I should really listen to more of her, but I have no idea where to start :(

    November 2010
  • bal-i_cibril

    Well, I know where all my scrobbling is going to go for the next few days...

    May 2010
  • MuffinCoffin

    There's just something soothingly enchanting about the simplicity in Velvet Easter.

    May 2010
  • Furashubakku

    Yuming's music reminds me of a time which I never saw: talent before beauty in the music industry.

    April 2010
  • hildred

    An amazing woman.

    February 2010
  • keisuh

    Yuming is part of my youth.

    January 2010
  • Furashubakku

    I really love Sukoshi Dake Kataomoi. :)

    January 2010
  • baobab_trix

    荒井由実も松任谷由実で入ってしまうんですね(._.) φ メモメモ

    January 2010
  • phylloxr

    Her songs come to my mind as vividly as the paintings. Their lyrics are as polite as literal works.

    October 2009
  • ware4me

    Love her! ^_^

    July 2009
  • mustain14

    Kiki's Delivery Service 2 \(^_^)/

    June 2009
  • jesus2099

    C'est quoi c'te merde ? J'ai joué 松任谷由実 et il me compte Yumi Matsutoya !!?. What the hell?? I play 松任谷由実 and it scrobbles Yumi Matsutoya !!?.

    May 2009
  • neosid

    как хоть песни называются?? а то ржачно))

    May 2009
  • ohitshawaii

    Kiki's Delivery Service. :]

    May 2009
  • Ustareth

    New album is fantastic [2]

    April 2009
  • gherardesci


    March 2009
  • moskowitzs

    i owe part of my poor Japanese pronunciation to Yuming - LOVE THE MUSIC ... I remember every year around X-Mas Toshiba EMI having a release by Yuming ready & always well-timed ... & yes, the older albums are very period-specific - the 1980s releases sound, well, 1980s-ish ... No matter a very talented & successful artist of the J-Pop genre

    November 2008
  • brendasoto

    Her older songs are the best ones!

    September 2008
  • mydaydream

    I love her voice! <3

    May 2008
  • ando_hades

    she was the first japanese music i ever listened. good old memories. i still love FROZEN ROSES so much ♥

    May 2008
  • Akyumi

    With Emiko Shiratori and Hideaki Tokunaga She have more beautiful voice of Japan ...I know Yuming betwenn 1 years with haru yo koi and 2 other song (only in japanese caracter T_T)But now i interresting very of Yuming !She sing more Very good song *_*

    April 2008
  • impracticable

    i really love haru yo, koi <3

    March 2008
  • HaneumaRider

    ah - legend <3

    August 2007
  • mixounette

    she still looks young <3

    June 2007
  • kashiwabara


    April 2007
  • tokyojihenizm

    damn last.fm for not making 'Yumi Matsutouya' '松任谷由実'. ._.

    October 2006