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  1. 痛苦的信仰 (or abbreviated 痛仰, known in English as Miserable Faith) is a band from Beijing, China. They were known as a hardcore/nu metal/metalcore…

  2. 反光镜 (Reflector) is an alternative rock/punk band from Beijing, China. They’re slowly gaining more fans with the realease of their self-titled album.

  3. One of China's oldest metal bands, Tomahawk (战斧) started playing death metal and changed their style to new death / new metal.

  4. Oxygen Can, (液氧罐头 Ye Yang Guan Tou), Beijing based Nu Metal, Hardcore, Industrial Noise, Techno band

    English name under interpretation. The band…

  5. Xie Tian Xiao (谢天笑), rock singer, guitarist, guzheng player, short form: XTX or X.T.X.
    Born in 1972 in the town of Zibo, Shandong province, China. At…

  6. Thrash/Post-Thrash/Groove Metal from Beijing, China. Known as Ordnance in English.

    斗争 (Struggle), 2005
    摇滚城市 (Rock City), 2008

  7. There are two artists called 夜叉:

    1)A Chinese rap/metalcore band (name spelling is "Yaksa").

    2)A Japanese heavy metal group (name spelling is…

  8. Overload (超载) is a Thrash Metal/Alternative/Pop-Rock band from Beijing, China. They were formed in 1991. Their debut album, released in 1996, is…

  9. Group members :

    Vocals / Guitar - Ma Yulong (马玉龙)

    Guitar - Li Wei (李韦)

    Bass - Yin Yong (尹勇)
    Drums - Wang Gan (王赣)

    Biography :

    The group formed…

  10. 脑浊 (Brain Failure) is a punk rock band that is based in Beijing, China. The band's music is influenced by bands such as The Clash and Rancid. Their…

  11. 这是中国很早的一只PUNK乐队,就象当初发表《都一样》的时候,他们被看做是第一支真正意义上的PUNK乐队,绝不同与别的一大批新PUNK乐队。他显得更为凝重,关心个人生存的种种痛苦,用时而调侃时而沉重的语言刻画他们的内心世界。《觉醒》中流露出的感伤有点让人心碎,说不出是该醒来还…

  12. Chinese version of Limp Bizkit, fun sound from the far east

  13. 刺猬 / Hedgehog, like many of the best bands in Beijing, was founded in the miracle years of 2004-2005, in January 2005, specifically. They didn’t…

  14. 万晓利,







  15. Also known as Catcher in the Rye.

  16. Zhang Chu (Chinese: 张楚; pinyin: Zhāng Chǔ, born November 11, 1968) is a Chinese musician who was born in Xi'an, Shaanxi.

    Lauded by many as "the…

  17. muma (meaning: vaulting horse)

    Vocal/Guitar: 木玛 Mumaia

    Bass:曹操 Cao Cao

    Keyboard: 冯雷 Feng Lei …

  18. L Right Band (左右乐队) is a metalcore band from China.

  19. 二手玫瑰 (Pinyin romanization: Ershou Meigui, meaning: Second Hand Rose) is a Chinese band playing rock music with strong folk influences.

    Band leader…


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