• comparison of groups with their characteristic (old) Japanese artists

    2 Nov 2011, 20:11 by Erkan-Yilmaz

    Here's a list of characteristic artists for , groups (1).

    So far these artists emerge on top:
    周璇 (not Japanese)

    so far these groups are involved:
    Enka 演歌
    Enka loves me
    Modern Enka
    japanese music from the 70s and 80s
    ~Once upon a time in japan~
  • Japanese CDs / DVDs collection (Updated: 2011/04/11)

    16 Feb 2010, 07:21 by TYPE-MOON

    Japanese CDs/DVDs that I own.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    FP = First Press
    LE = Limited Edition
    RE = Regular Edition
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    Last Updated: 2011/04/11
    Pictures Updated: 2010/02/15

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    Awaiting Orders:

    少女時代 - MR.TAXI / Run Devil Run (CD+DVD; LE w/ trading card)
    少女時代 - MR.TAXI / Run Devil Run (CD+DVD; LE)
    少女時代 - MR.TAXI / Run Devil Run (CD+DVD; RE)
    AKB48 - Everyday、カチューシャ (CD+DVD TYPE A; RE)
    AKB48 - Everyday、カチューシャ (CD+DVD TYPE B; RE)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    相川七瀬 - Red
    愛内里菜 - POWER OF WORDS
    • 愛内里菜 - Single Collection (CD+Special Booklet)
    Alan - RED CLIFF ~心・戦~ (CD+DVD; FP w/ poster)
    • alan - RED CLIFF ~心・戦~ (CD-ONLY; FP w/ poster)
    • alan - Voice of EARTH (CD+DVD; FP)
    • alan - 久遠の河 (CD+DVD)
    • alan - 久遠の河 (CD only)
    • alan - 心的東方 (CD+DVD; FPLE w/ postcards & special packaging)
    • alan - 蘭色 ~Love Moon Light~
  • 1Q & 2Q 2008 Purchases

    20 Jul 2008, 06:48 by jennyukari

    I haven't written any journals in a long while, but that doesn't mean I have bought any CDs in a while.

    Blonde Redhead - 23
    I was introduced to this indie-pop band with the song, "Elephant Woman" which I discovered over at Diana's lovely rotation: Life In Mono. I became a sort of a regular there after we became link exchanges (Musical Chairs). "Elephant Woman" isn't on "23," but on "Misery Is A Butterfly" but I prefer "23" because the album as a whole is a bit more polished (as all later releases usually are). They can be quite abstract and noisy in their older releases, especially in "Fake Can Be Just As Good." I like pretty much all the tracks on "23," especially "23," 'The Dress," "SW," and "Silently." I do wish "23" came with better packaging though. No jewel case, no CD booklet... just a cardboard slipcase. There's not even a freakin' tracklist to be seen anwhere! Not even on the CD itself. …

    26 Jan 2008, 18:17 by gohandesuyo9





    various artist/Cadenza Contemporary 01

    Theo Parrish/Parallel Dimensions


  • oh man 2007

    14 Dec 2007, 04:07 by cogsturning

    this is probably the first year ive actually paid attention to whats happening and what i got and everything, so heres one of those stupid year end things.

    albums i acquired that were released this year, for better or for worse:
    H ZETT M - 5+2=11[1-10]
    Deerhoof - Friend Opportuniy[1-23]
    eksperimentoj - eksperimentoj[1-24]
    Chage & Aska - DOUBLE[1-24]
    The イナズマ戦隊 - 熱血商店街[1-24]
    Busdriver - RoadKillOvercoat[1-30]
    Hella - There's no 666 in Outer Space[1-30]
    湯川潮音 - 雪のワルツ[1-31]
    Tujiko Noriko - Solo[2-7]
    Gutevolk - Tiny People Singing Over the Rainbow[2-9]
    井上陽水奥田民生 - ダブルドライブ[2-21]
    椎名林檎×斎藤ネコ - 平成風俗[2-21]
    MO'SOME TONEBENDER - Super Nice[2-21]
    平川地一丁目 - 雪解けの頃に届く手紙[2-28]
    Polysics - Karate House[2-28]
    sleepy.ab - fantasia[3-7]
    キャプテンストライダム - BAN BAN BAN[3-7]
    AKB48 - チームA 1st Stage「PARTYが始まるよ」[3-7]
    AKB48 - チームA 2nd Stage「会いたかった」[3-7]
    AKB48 - チームA 3rd Stage「誰かのために」[3-7]
    AKB48 - チームK 1st Stage「PARTYが始まるよ」[3-7]
    AKB48 - チームK 2nd Stage「青春ガールズ」[3-7]
  • good covers, bad covers and...?

    19 Oct 2007, 23:18 by yuaelt

    Some people dislike covers in general, saying they're never as good as originals and only ruining the mood. Others are fans of covers and remixes, curious of what new values can different artist bring to the song they know all too well already.
    I'm probably a little bit more on the pro-cover side, although I can name a few covers I find terrible and well, would rather not hear them again.
    However, that's still not the point I'm trying to get to. And that is that I have seen something miraculous tonight. Yes, it was a cover.
    The original song, Sotsugyou Shashin was a hit back in 70ties. I have heard it of course, but I have to admit it was never a big one for me, as I'm very picky when it comes to ballads. Still, it's not like I totally can't imagine it.
    It was sung in tonight's Bokura no Ongaku show by Tokunaga Hideaki and YUI. While watching the clip of the two sitting in front of each other in a restaurant (probably?) on the top of a skyscrapper in central Tokyo, the Tokyo Tower clearly visible behind them…
  • NHK Songs featuring Hideaki Tokunaga

    22 Aug 2007, 18:29 by kuanhoong

    Watched NHK Songs featuring Hideaki Tokunaga. He has a great voice. Brought back tons of good memories of the 80's. :-)

    Hideaki Tokunaga
  • Let's Get Lost

    12 Jun 2007, 11:36 by cogsturning

    i was browsing around cdjapan and i saw a listing for a new 勝手にしやがれ album out mid-july:

    Tenth anniversary album from Katteni Shiyagare featuring covers of influential and just plain favorite tracks from the band! Includes guest performance from Mika Nakashima for a cover of Cole Porter's "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To"! Limited edition includes bonus DVD with complete live footage from the band's tenth anniversary concert March 27, 2007 at the Ebisu Liquid Room.

    i cant believe how excited i am for a cover album. i thought the cover of 'is you is, or is you aint my baby?' was great (i wonder what the engrish level is gonna be on this album) i cant freaking wait for this! and a full concert with the limited version! as if the live dvd didnt kick my ass enough. unfortunately this is being released right in the middle of harry potter dorkdom time and im gonna have to pay very close attention to my money-spending.

    徳永英明 also has a new single out in july and 布袋寅泰 has some…
  • musical history

    4 Apr 2007, 00:17 by cogsturning

    ive seen several of these around and thought id do one, cause theyre fun to read and ive been very nostalgic lately anyhow.

    childhood: i was raised on country music. my father was a country/bluegrass musician and my mother was obviously a fan of such things as well so that is what i knew as a child. not too much current/popular country, more like Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson. that and random ballad and cheeseball artists (which may explain some of my current favs) like Whitney Houston and Rod Stewart. if my father hadnt of died when i was three, i probably would have ended up even more heavily involved in country.

    middle school: 7th grade was when i can say i really starting paying attention to music, more then likely cause everyone else did and i wanted to connect more with my friends. at the time most of my friends were in band and like ska, punk, and swing. so i had quite a bit of exposure to The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy,Green Day, and The Brian Setzer Orchestra throughtout middle school. …
  • i thought it was like 7pm but its really 3am

    26 Mar 2007, 08:09 by cogsturning

    i never did mention how the Deerhoof show went. interesting experiance i guess. i havent been to a show in like..years. i honestly dont really like live music and i have no attention span so i get kinda bored. but i like to see the artists i like in THE REAL WORLD. this was awhile ago tho and ive lost the urge to say much. the most enjoyable thing about this show was Busdriver. i dont recall ever really liking any rappers except maybe verbal from m-flo and thats kinda...i dunno..fluffy? but busdriver is really fantastic, that and he was a surprise for me cause i thought it was just gonna be Harlem Shakes and deerhoof. i honestly thought he was there to hook up equipment, and when he started rapping i was like 'this is the coolest sound guy ever.' it seriously took me like 3 songs to realize he most belong there. the crowd mostly seemed to enjoy it too. mostly. i have to say, ive only ever been to big shows before, ive never been to a place that only holds like 200 or so people. the people there were. …