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御主人様専用奇才楽団Virgil is a visual kei band formed in 2009. After about a year together it was announced that all band members except for Roa will leave the band around mid-July 2010. Then in August 2010 Roa announced that the band will relaunch with new band members on December 12th, 2010.

Three new members were added to the band, Haruki and kei on guitar and Asa on bass. At the end of 2011 though Haruki and kei left the band.

On February 1st, 2012 two new guitarists were announced to be joining the band, Takato and Ruta.

OHP: http://www.virgil-web.com/top.html

Current members:
Vo. ロア|roa(ex-wyseCODE

Gt. たかと|takato (ex-, NOIR-ノワール-, BLACK LINE)

Gt. るた|luta (ex-ひでんマシンV, (アメイロ), 楽團highスクール, レーヴェルト)

Ba. 亜沙|Asa (ex-Drastic Mind, Rozen-seed, mercury lamp, LifeFull, Re:volver


Gt. 大地|daichi(ex-キス&ネイト
Ba. ゼクス|zekusu(ex-秋葉原少年団☆電脳ロメオ, now in spiv states
Dr. タクミ|takumi(ex-Guy's family
Gt. 春樹|Haruki


2009.04.22 MAXI SINGLE 「broke stone awake sevendays」
2009.05.01 Live-Distributed 「Around the World」
2009.08.12 DRAMA ALBUM Kisai Gakudan Disc Dai 1 Dan 「Zekusu no Sho」
2009.10.14 COMPILATION CD Shock Edge 2009 「Jammy's Elegy」
2009.12.09 MAXI SINGLE 「Loyal」
2010.03.03 MAXI SINGLE 「Sense」
2010.04.07 MAXI SINGLE 「Desert」
2010.05.19 DRAMA ALBUM Kisai Gakudan Disc Dai 2 Dan 「Haku no Sho」
2010.11.24 MINI ALBUM 「innocence」
2011.05.13 MAXI SINGLE 「Last promise」
2011.11.23 MAXI SINGLE 「Key Heart」

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