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Yuki Hsu (徐懷鈺; pinyin: Xú Huáiyù) (born March 3, 1979) is a Taiwanese pop singer whose career peaked in the late 1990's. She is perhaps best remembered from the single "Fen Fei" (分飛). Between 1998 and 2001 she scored a series of hits in Taiwan, though she never achieved much fame outside of Asia.

Most of her songs were upbeat, catchy, melodic dance tracks, often with oddly childish themes or lyrics. Her song "Angel" even featured a chorus of kids singing along with her. Other well-known Yuki Hsu songs include "Ai De Ding Dong," "Who's Naughty," and a remake of the '90s techno track "Dub-i-Dub".

In 1999 she paired up with South Korean rapper Yoo Seung Jun to record the more sophisticated duet "Can't Wait," which brought her some fame outside of Taiwan. She was also notorious for the bizarre and outlandish hairdos she sported in many of her music videos.

After 2001 she stopped recording and turned her career to work in Taiwanese dramas.


1. First Album (第一張個人專輯), March, 1998
2. Go! Go! Go! (向前冲), October, 1998
3. Kindness of a Magical Lady–2 Generations (魔法阿媽之戀愛2 世代), with Wen Ying, March, 1999
4. Going (EP)
5. Angel (天使), May, 1999
6. Love, January, 2000
7. U'Want (欲望), August, 2000
8. Miss Right (完美小姐), August, 2001

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